How to Leverage Applicant Tracking System

Gone are the days when paper applications were posted to the companies for job vacancies. It was a huge task to manage those applications and find out a suitable profile for the position open. In this digital era, no one wants to waste valuable time when there is a huge pressure of recruitment.

7 Ways to Step Up Your Startup's Security

As a startup, you are expected to deliver the best products or services to your clients. That you also have a responsibility to secure your place of business, however, is least talked about. Since you are operating mainly online, you have an obligation to help make the internet less dangerous for everyone. And you can begin by building a strong security system for your company.

Happy At Work: 10 Inexpensive Workplace Perks For Your People

While company culture and values still play a huge role in employee satisfaction, perks can be better than raise. also be a factor. Sometimes employee perks can matter more than a money raise. Thus, it is important that you offer meaningful add-ons to traditional benefits.

How to Grow Your Business With Voice Services

Change is hard in any situation. It involves risk, working in the unknown and taking a gamble on which course to take. It can end in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. As a small business owner, you understand what it means to put everything on the line to pursue your dream.

The Myths and the Realities of Product Testing at Tech Conferences

Testing product concepts and assumptions is critically important to the success of tech startups who bring new technologies to market. To do it properly a sophisticated approach is often required. However, it is a common misconception that you can’t do product testing at a conference, because it is just too complicated.
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