Meet YC's First Summer 2012 Company: Scoutzie

Exclusive: I really think Scoutzie is solving a big problem and I'm not the only one. The Y Combinator oracles have answered by making Scoutzie their first entry into the Summer 2012 batch.

We actually covered Scoutzie in one of our first posts on the site in January. Scoutzie has profiles for designers of mobile apps including UI, icons, logos, and design. They have dozens of designs and designers from apps that are likely on your phone. In the past six weeks they appear to have doubled the total number of designs and designers on the site. I built five iPhone apps in 2011 and finding a great designer was always the trickiest part. Scoutzie makes finding a great designer much easier.

Scoutzie was accepted into the program a few weeks ago. Perhaps the greatest irony of it all is that founder Kirill Zubovsky was previously denied in an attempt to make the TechStars program for a previous idea. Now he's been accepted into the major leagues. Kirill is building a team and trying to get the site out of beta. There have already been a number of success stories for designers securing work through the site.

Scoutzie is still in private beta and the only way to get your designs on the site is to get an invitation from another designer already on. Designers only get three invitations to send out so the quality of the designers should remain high. The site favors iOS designs but there are also some Android and Windows designs. Use it the next time you need a mobile designer.


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