Rio is not just about Carnaval and beautiful beaches, Startup Grind just arrived here!

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Rio de Janeiro, with 6 million inhabitants, is the second largest city of Brazil and the third in Latin America, will host the final match of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics Games. Known worldwide as the "Marvelous City" with its 80 kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches surrounded by an astonishing nature. But Rio is also a city for doing business, within a radius of 400km are about 60 % of national GDP . Headquarters of major companies of Brazil and the capital of important sectors like Oil and Gas , Information Technology, Media and Tourism.

And more than ever entered Rio is on the route of digital entrepreneurship . Startups are proliferating throughout the city, and hits like Hotel Urbano and PSafe further encourage founders to give wings to their dreams . The city also has the highest concentration of tech accelerators in Brazil, and also the biggest one, 21212.

It is in this amazing scene of splendid nature and effervescent innovation that Startup Grind  arrives in Rio. With the goal of promoting greater interaction and exchange of experiences among the locals entrepreneurs, encouraging collaboration and fostering the ecosystem of startups.Nothing better than the practice to prove intentions! And so, to start with the right foot, the StartupGrind Rio will have the honor of receiving on the 26th of June the entrepreneur and investor Bernardo de Barros Franco, U.SIT founder and member of the Harvard Angels, for a frank conversation about the pains and delights to undertake here.

Come and join us, we are a community of friends not contacts, which is more important to give than to take, and where everyone makes a difference.