SG Guide | Publish Your Event with Wordpress

Once your speaker and date are confirmed - and ideally once the venue is fully on board, too - you should publish your event using the Startup Grind Wordpress publishing tool. It is the easiest way to post and manage all of your events in one place. It means directors do not need to create an event in Eventbrite, Meetup, or on The Wordpress tool will automatically complete this setup in a single step. Changes to the event are also made from this tool and update across all event postings. Publishing the event will be the first step to promoting the event, and will send an invitation to all the members most of your groups.

Wordpress Tool Walkthrough


In this video Lais, Starup Grind's East & Africa Global Director, will take you through publishing an event in Wordpress.

Specific details having to do with event promotion, ticketing, and sponsorship will still need to be handled manually. So much more to learn about at these links: