Startup Grind Curitiba - First blog post

SUG Curitiba - Dark Background


We are proudly to introduce the new Chapter of Startup Grind – Curitiba, the most innovative and sustainable city in Brazil.

Awarded with the Globe Award of Sustainable City 2010, organized by the Globe Forum – Sweden, as well as with the Sustainable Transport Award – Washington D.C. in the same year, Curitiba is amongst the group of most sustainable cities in the world. Such privilege resulted from many years investing to promote effective public policies in order to induce its sustainable development, attract investments and provide the appropriate means, environment and infrastructure to create a new culture of sustainability among its citizens, as well as to welcome entrepreneurs.

In order to carry out such commitments, we never left aside the planning and the search for innovation to provide infrastructure, mobility and accessibility to ensure a competitive and preserved environment for future generations.

Curitiba has many strong features making us almost an unbeatable competitor among the destinations for new ventures. With a GDP worth BRL 40 billion (nearly USD 23 billion) and a population of 1.8 million people, the city is located at a strategic geographic position, in the heart of Mercosul (Southern Common Market), near the great consumer markets in Brazil. Having road and rail connections to ports and airports, offers qualified manpower and has all services and attractions that should be available in a big city, along with a quality of life similar to those in developed countries.

Above all, our people are hard working and are composed by a range of nationalities: Germans, Arabs, Italians, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainians, as well as Gauchos (people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Catarinenses (people from the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil) and people from other Brazilian regions who made the city a multi-ethnic place.

You certainly do not want to miss such an important Event in which we will start contributing to raise the bar and strongly stimulate entrepreneurs and startups to adopt Curitiba, establishing their businesses here and helping us to build up the most structured and well recognized entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil.

By Rodrigo de Alvarenga - Startup Grind Curitiba - Chapter Director


Launching Event - May, 27th - Gladys Mariotto founder of Ja Entendi (