Startup Grind Greenwich: Build connections, not contacts

Building a business from the ground up on your own can be a daunting task and a lonely process, and, if you're a solopreneur, that's doubly true. Rather than to go through the arduous process of finding a co-founder or business partner, consider seeking a community of like-minded individuals. Tapping into a strong support network can provide a significant boost as your business grows and transitions. The question is where do you find a group of connections, not just contacts?

Fortunately for you, there is a budding entrepreneurial community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs: Startup Grind Greenwich. Led by serial entrepreneur and business mentor Peter Sinkevich, Startup Grind Greenwich will launch its spring event series on April 27th.

Touted as the number one networking event in the Fairfield County area, Startup Grind Greenwich is aimed at building a vibrant and innovative startup hub that educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs, investors and all those in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To learn more and join the Startup Grind Greenwich community, visit us at