The Importance of Company Culture


Here in Silicon Valley and one of the most important factors while considering taking a job is, company culture. Everyone wants to work for a company that takes that little extra step to make sure the employees are well taken care of and happy. The most popular of these companies of course is Google, which is soon to have a movie based on the culture alone. But as more and more startups begin to see the results of happy employees, more startups and corporations are taking a harder look at their company culture to make adjustments.
One of the companies that took this seriously from the very beginning was Zappos. With customer and employee satisfaction through the roof, others have taken notice and have begun to try and immolate what they have. In this episode of foundation Kevin Rose interviews the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh. Tony has written an new york times best seller, Delivering Happiness which is a must read for any startup CEO. Watch the video to find out more of the history of Zappos and Tony, as well as digging in deeper on the company culture and ethics that runs through Zappos today. Watch the full interview and other great ones onFoundation by Kevin Rose.