The Secret to Success: Hustle

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Brent Chandler- CEO of Zwift in Melbourne, Australia, September 21st.

It is easy to think sometimes that a great concept and some decent backing is the recipe for success; however, the more I interview the tech’s elite, the more I realize that behind the cash and a sensational product lies one key ingredient and that is hustle. No matter what resource you have, no matter what you have the ability to automate, building a successful company always comes down to knocking on doors, getting in front of customers and persistence.

The story of Zwift illustrates this point to a tee. Meet Brent, a man with a plan, that first dedicated himself to raising his own finance. Spent numerous months developing a product, launched, and still calls on customers personally. Showcasing his newly developed range of software specifically designed for the hospitality industry, Brent had the added difficulty of educating each of customers along with each sale. With investors to please and his reputation on the line, he had no choice but to succeed. Only now, years later as business booms, does he have the luxury to not be so hands-on.

Welcome to the Startup Grind!

An addictive hustle, where success only means another journey is around the corner. Enjoy the show.