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Start-up Grind Dublin chapter is providing a platform to foster new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to bring local entrepreneurs of this thriving community to next level by providing them - a platform to connect, a platform to learn from each other, and a platform to grow & succeed together! Our vision is that this platform will become the thriving ecosystem of innovation unlocking unimaginable opportunities, AND will act as the centre of gravity for local entrepreneurs ensuring they find all the right resources to make their start-up a global giant! Let's leverage each other to build a successful business!

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Wednesday, April 25

Turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business with Marc Lowe, Founder (Praxis Ventures)

SG Fireside Chat

In our inaugural month of Dublin Startup Grind Chapter, we are featuring Marc Lowe, Founder of Praxis Ventures, to share secrets of startup success. Praxis Ventures has helped raising over $150M in early-stage, venture capital financing and has advised on M&A transactions and IPO’s valued in excess of $3B. Come join us to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business!

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