Black + Tech: Building the Next Great Startups

Thu, Feb 23, 12:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Innovation is a hallmark of Black Culture.

Throughout history, Black Entrepreneurs fused their creativity and drive to create ground-breaking products, services, and businesses even with odds stacked against them.

What does the entrepreneurial journey look like today for Black SaaS and Tech-forward Founders?

Join 4 trailblazers as they tell their stories of what it took to build their businesses as Founders of color while providing guidance to the up-and-coming wave of tech Entrepreneurs.

You’ll hear:

1. What/who inspired their Entrepreneurial journey

2. Why the experience of Founders of color is so unique

3. What capital and resources accelerated them forward

4. Guidance to other minority SaaS Founders hoping to reach new heights

All are welcome to join in this discussion!


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