SGCQ#14 Move Beyond Limits: 超越自我极限: Adventure Business and Entrepreneurship in Western China中国西部地区的

CIDIsw - Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing, 400120
Tue, Sep 10, 2019, 6:30 PM (CST)

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For this event, we invited a local extreme sport entrepreneur, Weibo Zhang, to share with us how extreme sport can push you to challenge your limits. Also, we invited two adventure trips leader and entrepreneur, Ben Cubbage and Jim Hamp, to share with us, their understand of travelling, how adventurous traveling is developed in southwest part of China, and how tourism can help visitors move beyond their limits as well as bring more support and opportunities to local communities

这次活动我们将邀请来自极限运动的创业者, 张微波,与我们分享如何在极限运动中,不断挑战自我极限。此外,我们还邀请了两位探险旅行的开拓者和创业者,Ben Cubbage 和Jim Hamp,与我们分享他们对于旅行的理解,分享探索旅游在中国西部地区的发展情况,以及中国的西部旅游产业如何给游客们带来突破自我极限的同时也能给当地的社区带来更多的支持和机会。

Last but not the least, we also invited Sharene Wan, who are passionate about helping startups in Qinghai China, as our co-host, to have a discussion with our guests about extreme sport, tourism in western China, and how to combine these opportunities to offer the best and unforgettable experiences to the tourists and the best opportunities to local communities.

最后,我们邀请到了在青海发展,热衷于帮助当地创业者发展的Sharene Wan, 作为本次活动的主持人之一,与我们的嘉宾探讨极限运动和探险旅游的发展,如何结合在给游客提供难忘的旅途经历同时也给本地社区带去更好更多的发展机会。


  • Ben Cubbage

    Ben Cubbage

    Elevated Trips

    Owner and Lead guide

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  • Jim Hamp

    Jim Hamp

    Extravagant Yak Travel, Ltd.

    Co-founder & CEO

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  • Weibo 微波 Zhang 张

    Weibo 微波 Zhang 张

    Chongqing Shield Sports and Media 重庆神盾体育文化传播有限公司

    Founder 创始人

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  • When

    Tuesday, Sep 10
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


    Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing400120

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