SGCQ#15 Startup Grind CQ创业磨坊 重庆站第15期:WORKSHOPORIUM (Startup 101s)

CIDIsw - Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing, 400120
Fri, Sep 27, 2019, 2:00 PM (CST)

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These How-to mini-courses will help you to bring your business to the next level in Chongqing.

As you probably already know, startup failure is extremely common. According to many business analysts, the rate of startup failure is 96% after ten years. Sometimes the market isn’t ready for what you have to offer and sometimes a competitor cuts you off with something better. For better business sometimes the right brand strategy just takes some adjusting. The right framework may lead you to the right financial support you need. Or communicating your value proposition more succinctly and could lead you through the right doors. To get the initial momentum going you might just need to hustle harder on social media and meet the right people, tools like Linkedin can make the difference between a coldcall and a warm intro. This week Startup Grind Chongqing introduces you to 5 key skills that can upgrade your arsenal of startup powers.


  • Trevor Owens

    Trevor Owens

    Lean Startup Machine

    CEO & Founder

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  • Clark Rubino

    Clark Rubino


    Chapter Director | CBI Founder

  • 放 Frank 程 Chan

    放 Frank 程 Chan


    Assistant president

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  • Haowen Li

    Haowen Li

    中国工业设计研究院西南中心 China Industrial Design Institute Southwest Center

    投资总监 Investment Director

  • Zhicong 陈志 Chen 聪

    Zhicong 陈志 Chen 聪

    中国工业设计研究院西南中心 China Industrial Design Institute Southwest Center

    Product Design Manager 产品设计部经理

  • When

    Friday, Sep 27
    2:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CST)


    Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing400120

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      Clark Rubino

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      sasa zhang

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      Ivan DJOKEN


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      放 程

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      Lei Peng

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