SGCQ#3 Hosting Mr Alumi Lü of Zhu 重庆猪八戒

MFG - Yuzhong Prefecture, Corporate Avenue Chongqing Tiandi, Floor 34, Block 2 渝中区企业天地2号楼34层MFG创客联邦 Chongqing, 400120
Mon, Oct 15, 2018, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Startup Grind Chongqing's third Fireside Chat event will be held on October 15th. Mr Alumi Lü of ZhuBajie will be joining us to share his journey to becoming a startup mastermind.

Startup Grind 重庆访谈第三期:猪八戒--人才共享平台将在10月15日举行。猪八戒 Alumi 先生将与我们一起分享他的成功之旅。

Founded in 2006, ( has fostered a “dual platform + one community” service model combining Zhubajie, and their offline Zwork community. It is China's leading talent sharing platform.


The Zhubajie Network not only matches global business opportunities for talents, but also empowers each talent with its own professional incubator enabling them overcome restrictions of time and space.


Mr. Alumi is the General Manager and co-founder of iMC Premium Business Unit of ( and General Manager of Bajie Printing Industry Department of Zhu Bajie Network. He's mainly engaged in brand strategy, creative marketing, industry integration, cultural and creative IP operations among other business areas.

吕铭传先生现任猪八戒网集团副总裁,iMC事业部总经理、猪八戒网八戒印刷事业部总经理. 主要从事品牌战略、创意营销、产业融合、文创IP运营等业务领域。

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  • Alumi Lv

    Alumi Lv

    iMC Premium Business Unit

    GM, Co-founder

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  • When

    Monday, Oct 15
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)


    Yuzhong Prefecture, Corporate Avenue Chongqing Tiandi, Floor 34, Block 2 渝中区企业天地2号楼34层MFG创客联邦 Chongqing400120

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