SGCQ#8 Fireside chat with Yingying Li: Gaining Cultural Insight for Global Influence重庆第八期:李莹莹;

CIDIsw - Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing, 400120
Wed, May 29, 2019, 6:30 PM (CST)

About this event

Startup Grind Chongqing's eighth fireside chat is with Yingying Li the founder of Yingfluence, Inc. a Silicon Valley-based next-gen management consulting platform that applies diversity thinking to train and transform the way professionals connect and lead their brands cross-culturally.

Clients include Forbes billionaires and executives from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco, Founders Space, etc. She is also COO of Skive it, an AI chip company which makes robots that can feel. She is a Certified Communication Coach at a U.S. leadership development company “Own the Room”; a former correspondent of Caixin Media (where she conducted interviews with Melinda Gates and Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd.

She is also an expert on cross-cultural branding, aiming to help the growth of multinational brands in China and Chinese companies go global. She frequently shares her expertise with others through lectures and speaking engagements at universities and millennial communities, startups, investor groups and other institutions around the globe.

莹响力Yingfluence创始人、硅谷人工智能芯片公司Skive it首席运营官、美国Own The Room首位华人企业培训师,“How China Works”跨文化音频节目联合制片及主持人(听众覆盖美英日德等五十多个国家)。李莹莹女士曾任财新世界说记者(独立采访过梅琳达盖茨女士及澳大利亚前总理陆克文先生)及巴西圣保罗州立大学孔子学院讲师,精通中、英,葡三国语言,曾在美国,巴西,印度,土耳其,墨西哥,芬兰等多国工作。2017年莹莹创立了首个致力于中外英才交流和领导力提升的Yingfluencer--跨文化国际人才智库,旨在打造最有温度与可持续性的,融合资源、智慧与情感的国际人才生态圈。作为终生致力于跨文化沟通与领导力建设的研究者、传播者与实践者,2018年入选全美优秀华裔创业者30under30(美),并于2019年荣获“金海归创新奖Top10”(中)

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  • 平  Ping 李 Li

    平 Ping 李 Li

    万桥定位咨询 Wanqiao Positioning Consulting


    连锁品牌专家:深研定位理论10年,战略定位专家,和中国科学院(重庆)产业专家委员会专家(主要深研定位理论),深圳新三版服务中心专家,原谭木匠公司副总经理 Li is a chain brand expert, he’s been conducting deep research on positioning theory for 10 years, Expert of the Industry Expert Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CQ), China Academy of Sciences (Major Deep Research and Orientation Theory). He’s served Shenzhen’s New 3rd Edition Service Center as an advisor.

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  • When

    Wednesday, May 29
    6:30 PM - 10:00 PM (CST)


    Chongqing, Jiulong Po District, Vanke 023 Innovation Center, CIDIsw (重庆九龙坡)渝中区经纬大道重庆总部城旁万科023创意天地, 5幢 2单元 1层 Chongqing400120

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