Bridging the Gap to Web 3, Episode 4: How Brands Build Awareness

Sep 19, 2022, 10:30 PM – Sep 20, 2022, 1:30 AM

This live episode will go over different use cases of brands using NFTs, the metaverse, sponsorships, and social media to build awareness. Join us, MetaJuice, and Shoes 53045 as we explore their experience helping brands build awareness using Web3 technology/resources compared to their experiences in the Web2 universe.

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About this event

This live episode will go over different use cases of brands using NFTs, the metaverse, sponsorships, and social media to build awareness. 

Brands are constantly exploring new ways to get their audiences' attention, and with a wave of innovative technology on the horizon we will see plenty of new strategies executed over the coming years. In the next episode of “Bridging the Gap to Web3”, we dive into different use cases of brands using NFTs, the metaverse, sponsorships, and social media to build awareness.. Our two guest speakers, one from a traditional Web2 background and another working within the world of Web3, will chat about how their brands are building awareness with Web2 technology/resources while also exploring the new value Web3 technology can bring to their efforts.

Episode 4 will be hosted and moderated by Chris Haug with Startup Grind along with Connor Boundy and Luke Pillarella, co-founders with Atlantis Capital. Our featured speakers for this episode will be Claudia Olah and Aurélia Ammour


We held our 4th Bridging the Gap to Web 3: How Brands Build Awareness on Monday. It was an epic event. We had a lot of fun while learning a lot about how to successfully build brands in the Web 3 universe.

Thank you to those who attended. For those who weren't able to make it we've prepared post-event "takeaways" for you. If you were unable to attend, the recording is available at the link below to view at your convenience and we encourage you to share it with others: Link to the Episode 4 Video.

This is only episode 4 of Bridging the Gap to Web3, so please stay tuned for future episodes that will air every month. View our third episode if you have not yet here: Episode 3

Solutions Mentioned

We talked about a variety of technologies and solutions in this episode which we are sharing for your information and action.

• MetaJuice -, Twitter: @themetajuice. Building blockchain-driven assets that unlock the full value of the metaverse where everyone can create, earn, own and shape the future

• Together Labs - Empowering people to connect in the metaverse. Named to TIME‘s list of the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022 and The Future 100 Trends to Watch in 2022

• SHOES 53045 - Twitter: @shoes53045world. Instagram / Facebook / WeChat / Weibo / LRB: @shoes53045. A next-gen sneaker brand co-founded with footwear legend David Tourniaire

Actionable Insights

To conclude our episode, we discussed a variety of actionable suggestions for someone interested in starting their Web3 journey today. Please find below resources to leverage to start learning and participating more:

• SHOES 53045 Discord - Visit this link to join the SHOES 53045 discord.

• VCORE Discord - (only available outside of US / Canada). Visit this link to join the VCORE discord

• IMVU - Visit this link to join the IMVU metaverse

• Learning about Blockchain - Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about blockchain.

• Learning about Cryptocurrency - Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about the top projects in cryptocurrency. Click on the names of each project to learn more about them.

• Learning about NFTs -  Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about NFTs.

Connect with Us:

• Connor Boundy: Twitter: LinkedIn:

• Luke Pillarella: Twitter: LinkedIn:

• Claudia Olah: Twitter: @cryptocolah. LinkedIn:

• Aurelia Ammour: Twitter: @aammour. LinkedIn:

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