Bridging the Gap to Web 3, Episode 5: Blockchain + Real Estate

Columbia MD
Wed, Jan 11, 6:00 PM (EST)

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The world of real estate is constantly evolving which is why this live episode of “Bridging the Gap to Web3” will go over different use cases of how blockchain technology is impacting the real estate industry. Barriers to entry for entering this industry are changing due to the introduction of fractionalized assets and shared ownership. This episode will dive into the details around what this means for the future of real estate and what obstacles will need to be hurdled for this new technology to thrive.

Our team will be joined by two innovative companies in the real industry for this episode. We will have Industrial Outdoor Ventures and ABC Fintech discussing the fractionalization of real estate assets and how we can participate.


We talked about a variety of technologies and solutions on this episode, which are all listed below if you would like to explore further to learn more:

ABC FinTech -


Industrial Outdoor Ventures (IOV) -


Polymesh Protocol -

An institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets.

Red Swan -

A tokenized commercial real estate marketplace.

Solid Block -

A leader in Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) for real estate, integrating blockchain and Web3 technology to allow real world assets to join in the emerging blockchain economy.

Akru -

Unlocks the commercial real estate market through fractionalized ownership & investments.

Honey Bricks -

A technology platform that connects investors with high-quality commercial real estate opportunities through asset-backed security tokens.

Real T -

A union of seasoned real estate and blockchain industry executives, who are creating a new real estate ownership experience.

Deena Zimmerman -

Award-winning commercial real-estate broker and Vice President at SVN Chicago Commercial.

Dominic Sergi -

CEO at Clear Height Properties.

Laura Pamatian -

Founder, HeightZero Real Estate - AI & Blockchain real estate & development.

Pat LaVecchia -

CEO at Oasis Pro Markets.

Dave Hendricks -

CEO of Vertalo: democratizing access to secondary liquidity for private assets.

Actionable Insights

To conclude our episode, we discussed a variety of actionable suggestions for someone interested in starting their Web3 journey today. Please find below resources to leverage to start learning and participating more:

ABC FinTech WeFunder -

Visit this link to participate in ABC FinTech’s WeFunder campaign.

Industrial Outdoor Ventures (IOV) Contact Us -

Visit this link to contact IOV if you are interested in selling low coverage industrial properties

Learning about Real Estate -

Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about real estate.

Learning about Fractional Ownership -

Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about fractional ownership.

Learning about Blockchain -

Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about blockchain.

Learning about Cryptocurrency -

Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about the top projects in cryptocurrency. Click on the names of each project to learn more about them.

Learning about NFTs -

Visit this link, as a starting point, to learn more about NFTs.

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