Employee Financial Wellness: Build A More Loyal And Dedicated Team That Boosts Your Bottom Line

Columbia MD
Wed, Jan 27, 2021, 4:00 PM (EST)

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COVID has kicked our butts big time. We’re drained; mentally, emotionally, and financially. 2020 has put every company, founder, executive, and manager under incredible stress. Your position requires you to make tough decisions about working remotely, safety, layoffs, furloughs, expansion, hiring, growth, and pivots. 

You know exactly what this means. It’s a HUGE hit to individual and team performance, reliability, outlooks, and attitudes that hurt your company culture and lower your profitability, perhaps even your very existence.

Employer-sponsored financial wellness programs and support provides a 4x ROI by reducing financial stress and dramatically increasing employee morale, productivity, focus, team culture, and boosts engagement by up to 30%, and puts more Benjamins on your bottom line.  

Join us on January 27th as we welcome Ortus Academy co-founders Aaron Velky and Josh Massey for a workshop demonstrating their groundbreaking Employee Financial Wellness Program.

 This workshop will focus on how business leaders can understand financial stress and the implications it has on their business. We will cover what to look for in a wellness program, and how to seek out the right fit for your business. We will cover:

Employee financial stress and Its implications.

• The signs and consequences of financial stress in your workplace?

• The benefits of financial wellness programs and how do you select one that’s right for your team?

• Using employee financial wellness to increase employee morale, production, reduce turnover and poor performance, and improve team culture and engagement by up to 30% while providing your business up to a 4X ROI.

You will leave the workshop with our Financial Wellness Guide for Employers and will have access to our “5 Colors of Financial Stress” Assessment Tool to discover how your business is doing.

Our bottom line is to help you put more Benjamins on your bottom line and create passionate employees.

Ortus Academy’s  4-part Financial IntelligenceProgram includes workshops, online self-paced course work, individualized coaching programs, a growing online community, tools, and resources, as well as executive coaching. The program focuses on: 

     ● Fundamentals of Financial Stability - From financial habits to financial sustainability

     ● Financial Wellness - From budgeting to building credit

     ● Goal Setting - Taking ownership of one's personal dreams

     ● Customizable Workshops designed specifically to address your team's needs - Stocks, Investments, Insurance, and more.

We offer our programs as a one-time series of sessions or through an unlimited use annual subscription. 

Because we're in the month when financial intelligence and planning are most critical, we are offering you a 20% discount if you book a financial workshop or series with us before ________ 2021. 

For more information, visit:  www.OrtusAcademy.com/b2b and mention Startup Gring Columbia.


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