We are hosting Raffaele Viggiani (Scuola Notarile Viggiani)

Unical, Centro congressi, Sala A - Università della Calabria, Via P. Bucci Rende, 87036 Cosenza
Fri, Sep 22, 2017, 2:30 PM (IST)

About this event


Polyhedric jurist, passionate about poetry and technology. He achieved a law degree from the Catholic University of Milan, a PhD in Civil law in Pisa and was visiting at the universities of Warsaw, Heidelberg and Buenos Aires. He is a notary and professor in Unical and in Catholic University. He founded the Notarial and Legal Viggiani School and is author of the best-selling notarial code in Italy.

Agenda (TBC):

  1. Intro Scuola Notarile 
  2. Law and Economics
  3. (Bitcoin and) Blockchain
  4. Smart Contracts

                                                                               Description SNV

The Notarial Viggiani School (SNV) was founded in May 2010.

Part of its genesis is linked to a long trip to Argentina, but this is another story.

SNV has immediately offered a different way of living the law: original methodology, innovative didactics, strong technological component and a training proposal with courses not available at any other Italian school.

Today is the first Italian notarial school for popularity (as recognized by the surveys carried out on the Italian site of practitioners notaries) and 1 notary on 3 comes from the SNV.

It was also the first Italian law school to allow lectures in video conferencing (live or in streaming).

Its internal dynamics are strongly focused on informal relationship with students and on high personalization of the individual training path. One central aspect is the sharing of extra-legal social moments: aperitifs, dinners, sports and travel (they are now 3 years that the school has been organizing a snow week for more than 60 students each year).

The school offers scholarships for the most deserving students and has a job search platform for those who want to work during the course of the study.

New this year - in collaboration with a serious and well-prepared Italian psychotherapist - will be a special insight into the psychological aspects that come into play in the preparation of the notarial competition in order to deconstruct some mental patterns that accompany several students in this long journey: anxiety, insecurity and fear.

Unique feature: all the teachers are former school students, nowadays become notaries.

This ensures the uniqueness of the transmitted methodology.



Friday, Sep 22
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (IST)


Unical, Centro congressi, Sala A
Università della Calabria, Via P. Bucci Rende87036

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