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Tue, Feb 11, 2020, 11:30 AM (EST)

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Charlotte area founders Elizabeth Escobar, Judy Lee Greenhill, and Zachary Greenhill have joined the North Carolina Delegation to the Startup Grind Global Conference. Startup Grind brings together founders, investors, and program partners from across the state to catalyze company formation and development. In fact, Elizabeth launched her company in Flywheel's New Ventures Accelerator, and the Greenhills work out of the Hub. 

Elizabeth Escobar is the founder of Hay Trabajo, a jobs platform that connects blue collar Hispanic labor to corporates in our region. Hay Trabajo now has two part time employees and a user base of 886 users. 15 people have been hired through Hay Trabajo and three Fortune 500 companies are interested in using Hay Trabajo's service. In just one year, Hay Trabajo was awarded the 2019 Social Impact award in Charlotte by Red Ventures and Charlotte Agenda and it was one of the winners of the Charlotte Inno on Fire on the social impact category. Her dedication, analytical abilities, and charm will keep her competitive on the global stage.

Judy Lee Greenhill and Zachary Greenhill are the founders of Greenhill Antiballistics Corp., and have developed the Force Disruption Platform, an advanced material which reduces force of impact - a compression wave – by up to 50% in the thickness of a dime (1 mm) to improve in-market products and new formations. The company is led by led by its CEO/COO, Ms. Judy Lee Greenhill, a 19-year IBM veteran who directed multi-million dollar projects. Its Chief Scientist is Dr. Joseph J. BelBruno who has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, taught at Dartmouth College for 30 years, and has 140 peer reviewed papers. GABC’s founder-inventor-Chief Technology Strategist is Mr. Zachary Greenhill, a former CIA “Ops” Officer for covert operations and sensitive national security programs, and a former managing partner of a mid-town Manhattan law firm. GABC has a global portfolio of 17 patents with 4 patents pending in the U.S. We are lucky to have them at the Hub!

While we are in Redwood City pitching, meeting with investors, and telling people about the great state of North Carolina, you can follow along with the events on main stage by watching the Live Stream. Check out the Agenda. The lineup is outstanding - these folks are leading some of the fastest growing startups and the investment firms who back them.

BTW, the Startup Grind Global Conference is two days, so check back in on February 12th. Agenda times listed here are in Eastern Standard Time, so in California we'll be 3 hours behind.

Is North Carolina competitive compared to Silicon Valley, NYC, Austin, or Chicago when it comes to startups? The NC Startup Delegation, comprise of 10 companies from the Triad, Charlotte, and the Triangle, is headed to Silicon Valley to raise our hands and show the world we can compete on the global stage. Check out the Live Stream as you can, and make sure to keep your eyes open for our NC teams.

The Triad delegation for SG Global 2020 includes:

SWIPEBY (Carl Turner)

Greenhill AntiBallistics Corporation – Force Disruption Platform (Judy Lee Greenhill and Zachary Greenhill)

Patch (Dan Driscoll)

Proposa (Brian Onorio)

Fluree (Kevin Doubleday)

Hay Trabajo (Elizabeth Escobar Hurtado)

Gryppers (Jamelle Eugene)

Like last year, the Flywheel Foundation has a community goal: to underwrite the conference ticket for each of these growth-stage companies, $3,500 (of the total $5,000 ticket cost) per company.

With investments from local individuals and organizations—from people who see North Carolina’s place on the global startup stage— NC can, in fact, show up to Silicon Valley in 2020. And what’s more?

That buzz, that affirmation, that golden opportunity—they’ll bring it all home.

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A bit shoutout to Lavoie CPA and Dualboot Partners. They have helped so many of the companies going through various Flywheel and Hurt Hub programs. They are an integral part of our community and we couldn't run Startup Grind without them. Thank you for supporting our innovation community, and thanks for helping to send these folks to globals!


  • Derek Andersen

    Derek Andersen

    Bevy / Startup Grind

    Co-Founder + CEO

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  • Kirsten Green

    Kirsten Green

    Forerunner Ventures

    Founding Partner

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  • Andrew Dudum

    Andrew Dudum

    hims & hers

    Founder + CEO

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  • Jennifer Tejada

    Jennifer Tejada



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  • Amy Pressman

    Amy Pressman



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  • Justin Kan

    Justin Kan, Twitch, Atrium, Y Combinator

    Entrepreneur & Investor

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  • Kat Mañalac

    Kat Mañalac

    Y Combinator


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  • Mathilde Collin

    Mathilde Collin


    Co-founder + CEO

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  • Lila Preston

    Lila Preston

    Generation Investment Management

    Partner + Co-head, Growth Equity + Sustainable Solutions Fund

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  • Joshua Reeves

    Joshua Reeves


    Co-founder + CEO

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  • Niko Bonatsos

    Niko Bonatsos

    General Catalyst

    Managing Director

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  • Heidi Zak

    Heidi Zak


    Co-founder + Co-CEO

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  • Jaya Kolhatkar

    Jaya Kolhatkar


    Chief Data Officer

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  • Aileen Lee

    Aileen Lee

    Cowboy Ventures

    Founder + Managing Partner

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  • Jennifer Hyman

    Jennifer Hyman

    Rent the Runway

    Co-founder + CEO

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  • Eddy Lu

    Eddy Lu

    GOAT Group

    Co-founder + CEO

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  • Kobie Fuller

    Kobie Fuller

    Upfront Ventures


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    Tuesday, Feb 11
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