How to build a robot series - inventor/maker/entrepreneur panel (global tour) from Saudi to Spain.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 5:00 – 6:00 PM UTC

Thanks for joining our 'how to build a robot' series. During these COVID-19 times we will take a tour globally to visit amazing "makers & founders" in the deep technology space in their own maker spaces in their homes. Our panel consists of great chapter "makers" and "founders" who are mentors for our #humanoid project at the #efactory. Come join the tour from the comfort of your own home!

About this event

The Innovation Ecosystem Society (IES) and startup-grind Dhahran are supporting the project and all teams have continued to make great progress through building and enhancing various components of the humanoid. Inspired by our #firesidechat with Dale Dougherty in 2019 we decided to flex our 'maker muscles' and develop the life sized robot.

We have embarked on collective project which is also stress-testing our ecosystem by constructing a human size 3D printed humanoid. Our chapter has formed teams to create: head, torso, left/right arm, and base along with bloggers/artists. Attend this session to learn more from the team and mentors.

Amazing line up of inspirational inventors, entrepreneurs and founders:

1.  KSA Dhahran: Steve Pelland - our mega mentor & maker for our humanoid project

2. KSA Al Hasa: Murtadha Al-Nasser - technology geek and mega maker (Electrino, Co-Founder)

3. SPAIN, Malaga: Victor Ruz Barrero (Founder, INDIEstudio)

Read more about the panelists:

First to the stage: Steve Pelland, maker extraordinaire in the true spirit of mentorship Steve will showcase our progress and also share inspirational lessons learned along the way from his own maker space! Steve is a Mentor/ Fixer / Maker / Breaker at large here in Dhahran. Prodigal son, traveler, lover of all things hockey and music. Mixer of instruments, Infosec guy by day, in his shop by night. Self-proclaimed King of Bad Code. Writer, helper, and around round nice guy (for the most part, we all have bad days). In Dhahran Steve Pelland is well known as Maker extraordinaire, Mentor and Fixer of Things. This project success demonstrates the power of mentorship and when our Dhahran #startupgrind chapter when a #firesidechat results in a call to action!

Second to the stage: Murtadha Al-Nasser, an amazing inventor and entrepreneur has contributed greatly to the humanoid project most recently his servomotor #hack significantly improved both range and quality of movement of the humanoid arms in flexion and extension. He achieved these modifications and enhancements with fellow innovators through developing a potentiometer for the axis of movement. Murtadha is the founder of Electrino a startup that has filled a gap in the "makers market" through supplying electrical goods and services supporting other entrepreneurs in taking their great idea to MVP. Murtadha live from his own maker- space, will be sharing some of his latest inventions and innovations that are directly related to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Third to the stage: Victor Ruz Barrero, an incredible entrepreneur and founder of INDIEstudios and has spent his whole career as an Innovation & Design Engineer from consumer electronics to new technology developments. A former McClaren formula 1 pit engineer he is accustomed to wearing many hats so now he spends most of his time contributing his skills and knowledge across all stages of design of a new product - from research to prototyping all the way to manufacturing. Victor live from his maker - studio in Malaga, Spain will share with us his insights and lessons learned about taking great ideas to the market (lab to market) and showcase various projects.

Following the panel join us in breakout rooms so that you can explore and deep - dive into technology and making with the mentors.

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