Mohammed Abusharifah, Cofounder, Estidamah and team lead of the KSA Solar Racing Car (Sana)

Monday, November 18, 2019, 1:30 – 4:00 PM UTC

Celebrating the success of Mohammed Abusharifah, Cofounder, Estidamah and team lead of the first designed and manufactured Saudi solar car Sana. This solar car is a true marvel of engineering and design, showcasing aerodynamics, to electrical, communication and control systems, to manufacturing and mechanical engineering - to bring this extraordinary car from concept to the race track.

About this event

Have you ever dreamed about designing and constructing a solar car? Do you have the desire to race and compete in a solar car race? Attend our next #fireside chat to learn about a remarkable entrepreneur who is leading the 'solar car' sector here in Saudi. The Estidamah team's ultimate objective accelerated to the global ranks when it became the first Arab team to compete in World Solar Challenge in Australia, they are truly committed to raising awareness about renewable energy products and their effectiveness. They want to inspire and motivate other young Saudi entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their own technologies and products, and establish a Saudi manufacturing and development ecosystem so the Kingdom can develop its own products that it can be proud of.  Among many of their accomplishments Estidamah have achieved global success through designing and manufacturing Sana, the first Saudi solar car. In addition, Estidamah was issued with the first Saudi vehicle identification number, which means Saudi is now listed as a car manufacturing country as a result of their pioneering work. They were recognized as the winner of the 2015 National Energy Globe Award. The team have trained more than 50 students in different fields of engineering and project management and collectively assisted with 17 senior design projects at KFUPM. A major milestone in the 'entrepreneurship world'  is that they successfully established an independent team managed entirely by young entrepreneurs and innovators. This brilliant team have been acknowledged and cited in multiple articles, books, and TV shows. 

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1:30 PMRegistration and #humanoid project updates
2:00 PMRound 4: demos "hack the carbon" #chemindix2019
3:00 PMFireside chat with Mohammed Abusharifah
4:00 PMNetworking & Refreshments


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