Welcoming our tech-powerhouse panel of co-founders, technologists and space data analysts

Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 2:00 – 3:15 PM UTC

Be inspired by a regional powerhouse tour of 'women in tech' including: Dr. Abeer Al -Olayan, Technologist, Oil & Gas Woman of the Year , Sahiqa Bennett, CEO, Mediscreen & Searchie, and Shaima Almeer, Robotics Programmer & Space Data Analyst. Enjoy the panel discussion followed by breakout sessions & networking. Opening the event is Ritaj Al-Hazmi - 12 year old 'author-prenuer '.

About this event

Kickstarting our event is 12 year old 'author-preneur' Ritaj Al Hazmi launching her third book in the adventures of Jame & Natalya on portals, avatars and robotics.

We look forward to welcoming our regional #SGWomen tech-superstars panel a tour of Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain: Sahiqa Bennett, CEO,  Mediscreen & Searchie, Dr. Abeer Al-Olayan, Co - Founder, Network of Arab Women for Science & Technology and Shaima Almeer, first robot programmer (BisB AI- agent) in Bahrain and Space Data Analyst, Bahrain National Space Science Agency.

More about: Dr. Abeer Al-Olayan, Co - Founder, Network of Arab Women for Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abeer Al-Olayan is the Co-founder of Network of Arab Women for Science and Technology in Bahrain and has served on the Board of Directors at the American Chemical Society - Saudi Arabia section as a first female member in 2010. Abeer is a MIT Research Fellow and has an academic and industrial background with extensive experience in various components of chemistry while managing research initiatives related to the development of new chemical materials/components applicable to reservoir engineering and drilling best practices. Abeer won the prestigious Oil & Gas Woman of the year award in 2017 and Woman Leader in Oil & Gas Industry, Excellence Award in 2019 from the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute. Learn from Dr. Abeer on how to channel your scientific discoveries, talents, and make outstanding contributions by being resilient and never giving up!

More about: Sahiqa Bennett, CEO,  Mediscreen & Searchie, UAE

Sahiqa Bennett is a successful entrepreneur who launched a virtual video platform powered by AI in 2018. This has many uses including HR – where it is used for remote hiring; assessing is based on their personality, and is therefore less biased. During COVID-19 she repurposed this technology and pivoted into Healthcare. Mediscreen is a virtual triage which is invaluable in prescreening employees remotely for COVID-19 symptoms which hugely contributed to the safety and well-being of businesses and its people. Mediscreen was featured by CNN in June 2020 and was recognized by Microsoft and the World Economic Forum. Come and attend this event and be inspired by Sahiqa and learn about how you can step into the world of tech entrepreneurship and be impactful and make a difference!

More about: Shaima Almeer, an Entrepreneur, first robot programmer in Bahrain BisB AI- agent and Space Data Analyst, Bahrain National Space Science Agency, Bahrain.

Shaima is known as a very determined and hardworking entrepreneur - within three months Shaima became efficient in two new programming languages and integrated three different cloud services, Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, and mastered robotics development resulting in the successful programming of BisB AI-agent. She is an inventor and entrepreneur at heart and is development of a IoT smart mirror technology. Like any entrepreneur she is continually evolving Shaima has now embarked on a new challenge and exciting career; she is now a Space Data Analyst at Bahrain National Space Science Agency. Come and learn how Shaima took her dream to reality and how you too can pursue the world of robotics and space travel!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:15 PM UTC


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