#SGWomen Catch the Serial Entrepreneur: Parul Madan shares what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

Tue, Jun 23, 2020, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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How to be a successful entrepreneur? Learn it from someone who has done it several times!

Who is Parul Madan?

Parul is a serial entrepreneur. She defines herself as a curious case of frugal innovation, shaped by global experiences. She is the perfect blend of German precision, the American art of upscaling and the extraordinary Indian ability to work with frugal resources.

She jumped off the corporate bandwagon nearly 13 years ago to build businesses in a multitude of seemingly unconnected industries such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, education with IT and software as the core enabler.

She is a hands-on business practitioner who values big ideas, out of the box thinking and teamwork that turns ideas into action supports the startups through an ecosystem- innovation approach with a range of initiatives supported by incubators and accelerators. She has invested in over 40 startups as an angel investor and with Select Index.

She has proven that success in global leadership requires a high level of entrepreneurial abilities encompassing management of P&L, lines of business and working with geographically dispersed teams. She has a Bachelors in Engineering and P.G. Dipl. in Advanced Computing from CDAC and an Alumni of MIT Sloan.   

The inception of DueDash: 

After being an entrepreneur for several years, Parul decided to gain experience in investing in startups. While screening large number of startups, nearly over 4000, she realized that there was a gap. A gap that led to over 90% startups, despite showing good potential are not being able to get much investment. As she is a strong supporter for entrepreneurship, it was disappointing for her to realize this loss. She believes that "People need jobs and not charity" and entrepreneurs are the job creators in the world today. Having both entrepreneurial as well as investor experience, she knew exactly what was needed to bridge the gap and to make startups more investable. This lead to the formation of the team of DueDash Community.

What is DueDash Community?:

The DueDash community is a platform that brings founders and investors worldwide together. The network educates on startup and fundraising processes to make startups more investable. It is a resource house that promotes exchange of ideas and knowledge on a local and global level. It understands that big and innovative ideas are alone insufficient without leadership, industry experience and direction. The platform is populated with information that covers a wide range of topics like finance, funding, hiring a team, validation, marketing, legal issues, and many more. Their cloud infrastructure enables the exchange of valuable information to the entrepreneurs as well as the platform helps the venture capitalists, business angels, accelerators, major corporations and all those who seek upcoming innovative opportunities to reach out and connect directly with the startups.



The DueDash community is a platform to empower startups by creating a global network to share ideas and knowledge.


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