From a big multinational company to his dreamt startup - Mark Lemmens, founder of Olicious

Wed, Nov 18, 2020, 7:00 PM (CET)

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Olicious imports and sells high quality Italian olive oil to both consumers and fine food stores. Mark Lemmens´ love for the Italian culture and customs made him quit his international marketing job to found Olicious where his mission is to bring his passion for Italy, the purity and knowledge of extra virgin olive oil and the dedication of hardworking people to every home in The Netherlands. He convinces people by his drive and passion for olive oil, and by the quality of the oil itself. Working 100% customer centric, giving a lot of attention to quality of the olive oil, as well as the customer journey; Mark knows his farmers personally and chooses only small family owned companies that combine both tradition and technology to produce the highest quality of oil. With all this he is working in a niche market elaborating on the momentum there is for healthy and good food.

Mark will share with us his doubts and the challenges he faced when he took the biggest decision of his life. Also he will show how he applied his knowledge and extensive experience in marketing to achieve great success with his new project and to have a very hopeful future. 

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Olicious - olive oil with passion is for Italy lovers, cooking crazies, people with taste and everyone who loves good food. Born as a hobby, and with the desire to bring the best flavors of Italy to your table. Based on the conviction that you can only make and sell the best product with passion and attention.


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