Show Up, Level Up! A Panel Session with Maryam Gwadebe, Fatima Babakura and Oluwatosin Oladeinde

Saturday, June 27, 2020, 2:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

Show Up, Level Up! A panel discussion with Maryam Lawan Gwadebe, Fatima Babakura, and Oluwatosin Oladeinde organised by Startup Grind Nigeria.

About this event

We are excited to announce our lineup of amazing women to lead our #SGWomen month celebration.

Introducing our speakers:

1. Oluwatosin Oladeinde

Tosin is a chartered accountant with 10 years of experience across accounting, corporate finance, auditing and taxation.

In 2018, She founded Money Africa, a personal finance platform that teaches people to build healthy financial habits and generate multiple income streams.

Before devoting her work to Money Africa, she worked with several multinationals — Bloomberg TV, CNBC Africa, BAT to name a few.

2. Maryam Lawan Gwadebe

Maryam runs the only female-owned hub In Northern Nigeria, Blue Sapphire Hub (Technology and Business Hub), under which several programs, seminars, training, pre-incubation, and mentorship are being carried to encourage people across the dimensions of social strata, age and gender stereotyping to engage ICT and entrepreneurship.

3. Fatima Babakura

Fatima Babakura has been an inspirational figurehead for many young women. She is the founder and creative director of Timabee, a luxury accessory brand that is committed to designing and manufacturing high-end pieces with the best leathers for women. Her love for designing and the curiosity to see her design come to life was what pushed her to start Timabee.

Fatima started Timabee in 2014 where she carefully selects materials, designs and makes samples of handbags and shoes, then decides what goes into a collection. She oversees the creative process and gives guidance to her creative manufacturers to ensure the quality of handbags and manages promotion to ensure efficient marketing of the brand to increase sales. Timabee has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Passionate about entrepreneurship and mentorship in Africa especially for women, Fatima founded Timabee Global Resources (TGR). TGR is a platform that helps anyone inspired or interested in the accessory business to navigate their way from product development up until delivery processes.

This virtual event is scheduled for 3 pm, 27th June 2020. Tickets are free and can be gotten by signing up here -

Special thanks to all the Chapter directors and co-director across Nigeria for making this happen.

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