How to Capitalize and Maximize Wechat's Channels Feature for Your Business

Saturday, February 27, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM UTC

Startup Grind Foshan is happy to cross-promote with Startup Grind Chongqing who will host Founder + CEO of Vivi Media Group, Vivi Lin for a Fireside Chat: On how to get the most out of Wechat Channels to promote and market your businesses in China.

About this event

WeChat Channels are a fairly new feature within the WeChat ecosystem that allows users, influencers and brands to create and post short-form contents and distribute them through a media feed. They are usually sub-one-minute videos or photos (up to 9 pictures in succession). Accompanying information can be added to the post which help brands and influencers to engage further with their audience. Vivi Lin has been posting content regularly on WeChat Channels ever since the feature was available. We are excited to get her valuable insight and experience on this important and somewhat hidden gem within WeChat.

微信频道是微信生态系统中的一项全新功能,它允许用户、影响者和品牌创建和发布简短的内容,并通过媒体源进行分发。它们通常是不到一分钟的视频或照片(最多连续9张照片)。附带的信息可以添加到职位,这有助于品牌和影响者与他们的观众进一步接触。Vivi Lin自推出这一功能以来,一直定期在微信频道发布内容。我们很高兴获得她对微信中这一重要且隐藏的宝贵见识和经验。


In this SG Virtual Fireside Chat, We will discuss these questions :


How to build a fan base over wechat channels?


How to get the best use out of the hashtags?


How to be searchable according to topic?


How to improve discoverability?


What are some best practices when bridging to your WeChat Official Account, Article link, and others?


Is the location important?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of wechat channels in comparison to Douyin and other video platforms?


Who should post their videos on all video platforms to maximize views/fan-base? Just KOLs, individual personalities or corporates/companies?

谁应该在所有视频平台上发布自己的视频,以最大限度地提高浏览量/粉丝群?只有关键意 见领袖、个人或公司?

Should content be customized accoridng specifically for wechat channels?


Which industries/sectors are better suited for wechat channels?


Speaker Bio:

Founder and CEO of VIVI MEDIA GROUP | TV personality | Media advisor | Blockchain Enthusiast| Producer & Host of the Vivi in the Valley show | CMO at Cycan Network | Columnist at FT

创始人兼首席执行官| VIVI媒体集团| 知名电视主持人|媒体顾问 | 区块链倡导者|Vivi闯硅谷-制片&主持人| Cycan Network首席媒体官| FT中文专栏作家

Fireside Chat: How to Capitalize and Maximize Wechat's Channels Feature for Your Business.

炉边闲谈: 如何为您的企业充分利用微信渠道功能。

Vivi is a TV personality, entrepreneur, thought leader and blockchain advocate. She has brought more than 10 years of experience in media production, storytelling, cross-cultural communication, networks and thought leadership and founded VIVI MEDIA GROUP (VMG), which cooperates with Hollywood-based TV Networks, and produces innovation content (including popular video show "Vivi in the Valley"), connects startups and investors in the innovation space, and provides branding, media PR, market acquisition services for startups across the world. Prior to VMG, Vivi had worked as bilingual TV anchor and producer for Reuters Financial TV, China's national TV CCTV, HK's ATV World and Caixin Media, which won her numerous awards in TV reporting and journalism. Vivi is a thought leader and speaker in promoting effective communication and collaborations between China and the U.S. and the world. She is active in the China-US innovation and entrepreneurship community, hosting high-level business summits and forums (as MC) including EY's China Growth Strategy Summit with top global leaders including UK's former PM Tony Blair, president of China's biggest bank ICBC Jiang Shuqing; Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum from 2015 to 2019; Global Blockchain Forum in Silicon Valley and New York; and Global Internet Influencer Summit, bringing top Chinese players to meet global counterparts.

Vivi是一名电视名人,企业家,思想领袖和区块链倡导者。她在媒体制作,叙事,跨文化交流,网络和思想领导方面拥有10多年的经验,并创立了VIVI MEDIA GROUP(VMG),该公司与好莱坞的TV Networks合作,并制作创新内容(包括热门视频)显示“ Vivi in the Valley”),在创新领域联系初创企业和投资者,并为全球初创企业提供品牌,媒体公关和市场获取服务。在加入VMG之前,Vivi曾担任路透财经电视台,中国国家电视台CCTV,香港的ATV World和Caixin Media的双语电视主播和制作人,在电视报道和新闻界赢得了无数奖项。Vivi是促进中美及世界之间有效沟通与合作的思想领袖和演讲者。她活跃于中美创新和企业家社区,主持了包括安永中国增长战略峰会在内的高层商业峰会和论坛,并与包括英国前总理托尼·布莱尔在内的全球顶级领导人商讨; 2015年至2019年的硅谷创新创业论坛;在硅谷和纽约举行的全球区块链论坛;以及全球互联网有影响力者峰会,将顶尖的中国企业与全球同行见面。

Guest Host Bio: Founder & Owner | Gebrüder Wurst German Restaurants


Martin has been living in China since 2015. Together with his partner he founded Gebr.WURST German Restaurants in 2016, bringing German food to local consumers. Before coming to China, Martin collected work experience in corporate finance in Europe as well as learned Chinese in Beijing. He studied International Relations and Finance at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and is an EMPA candidate at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany.

马丁(Martin)从2015年开始在中国居住。2016年,马丁与他的合伙人一起创立了Gebr. WURST德国餐厅 ,为当地消费者带来德国美食。 来中国之前,Martin有在欧洲公司财务方面的工作经验以及在北京学过的中文。 他曾在苏格兰的圣安德鲁斯大学学习国际关系和金融,并且是德国柏林赫蒂治理学院的EMPA候选人。

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