Journey to the East: Challenges of Tech Companies Expanding into China

Thursday, July 22, 2021, 2:30 – 3:30 AM UTC

Foreign tech companies participating in China’s market must keep in mind that tech innovators should be prepared that their innovations can be quickly learned, or surpassed, in a maturing China. And when Chinese tech companies have become more sophisticated in technology and marketing, they can do better than you can because they are at their home, so many factors that need to be considered

About this event

Unlike the rest of the world where platforms like Google, Youtube and Facebook dominate the digital space, in China, these platforms are blocked and in their place, Chinese apps reign supreme. So, where do you get started? 

In China, online marketplaces such as T-mall are a consumer’s preferred e-commerce option. This difference in culture means that new businesses have better opportunities to sell their goods in the many accessible online platforms in China. Selecting a few of the most suitable channels to market and sell your products to Chinese consumers is key to ensuring you use your investment wisely and don't spread yourself too thin as a new market entrant.

Let's take a look at some of your options:

How to sell your service to China

How to sell your product to China

How to sourcing from China

How to get investment from Chinese investors

How to enhance brand awareness among Chinese customers

About Speaker

Koh’s Development (Hong Kong) Limited is a consulting firm established in Hong Kong SAR, under the initiative of Ms. Jeanette Guo, female entrepreneur of several businesses. With its root in China and knowledge of mainland Chinese business culture, serving as a bridge for mainland investment to come to Hong Kong, and attracts overseas eyeballs to better understand China. Trust is the core of every business partnership. We solidify the groundwork by building up real partnerships with businesses across jurisdictions. Further to the above, Koh’s Development has business partnerships with Noble Street Capital, Mosaic Capital of stock loan business and investment in consumer business sector.

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