A Discussion with Minority Business Entrepreneurs

Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 4:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

We have been on a “summer retreat” :) and are looking forward to resuming our Fireside Chats starting in September. In the near term they will be virtual, but we cannot wait to hold them “live” again at Miles and Stockbridge where we can meet, talk, connect and “break bread” together. There is nothing better than human connection, as you all know.

During our “summer retreat” we have been keeping up with the ever changing and emotional events in the news. One of the biggest of them is the racial bias occurring in our criminal justice system and elsewhere with Black people and other minorities in the United States. This is causing many of us to learn more about the minority experience in the United States.

We have watched Corporate America throw their support behind such movements as Black Lives Matter and wondered, as a local business group, what does this mean for us and how can we be an ally? These recent events have influenced your Frederick Startup Grind Chapter to have an open Fireside Chat, A Discussion with Minority Business Entrepreneurs, with Frederick minority entrepreneurs on September 29th. We will hear about their unique, personal journeys and learn from them. Their journeys may be similar to yours yet in many ways different. However, remember a primary goal of our Fireside Chats is learning. We know that will transpire with our two guests, Dawn Onley, President of Onley Communications and Jason Lee, CEO of Lee Building Maintenance.  (Please read their bios on our website…. And while there, register :). 

You will have the opportunity to discuss with Dawn and Jason how every entrepreneur goes through countless obstacles between startup and success and the factors that play into that.

Some of the points they will discuss with us are:

     • Challenges and Opportunities of being a minority business owner in Frederick;

     • Why and How to establish, maintain and leverage business alliances;

     • Adapting strategies for diverse markets;

     • Being Proactive in identifying and choosing your business opportunities;

     • Utilizing “community resources” to build your business;

     • Issues when attempting to acquire capital.

     • Importance of finding and utilizing the right mentors and advisors for your business; and

     • Positively dealing with the “new norm” in the ever changing market place.

We are looking forward to seeing you on September 29th. Please come prepared with questions and leave A Discussion With Minority Business Entrepreneurs with ideas to improve your business, whether or not you are a minority business owner. That is our educational goal! 


  • Jason Lee

    Jason Lee

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  • Dawn Onley

    Dawn Onley

    Onley Communications


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