Join us for a Fireside Chat with Mark Greathouse, President, GTG Solutions, on “Business is an Art”

September 25, 2019, 10:00 PM UTC – September 26, 2019, 12:30 AM UTC

Mark Greathouse, President, GTG Solutions, joins us to share wisdom, advice and guidance during a Fireside Chat. We'll hear about his successful journey in the corporate world to working as a serial entrepreneur and leader in the Angel Investor community, to being an author. Mark has found that Business is an Art. We'll also talk with Dr. Xavier Bruce during our Small Business Forum!

About this event

Business is an Art

Bet you are asking yourself: How is business an art? Well, Mark Greathouse is looking forward to answering this intriguing question on September 25th. Seeing your business as an art can contribute to its growth. Going to work every day can be fun and exciting!

So here is the answer! 

Mark's journey and experience to defining business as an art. 

 CORPORATE EXECUTIVE: Worked with senior management where he was employed to strategically plan for large future initiatives by learning and leveraging from past.

 CEO of GTG SOLUTIONS: Enabled businesses and company executives to respond optimally to ever-changing market environments to achieve optimal market share and significant ROI.

 MANAGING DIRECTOR of Mid-ATLANTIC ANGELS INVESTORS: Responsible for leading the board of directors in the “angle investor environment” and evaluated more than 1,000 businesses to find ideal investors for capitalization.

 ADJUNCT PROFESSOR: Taught entrepreneurship, principles of finance, marketing and business management.

 AUTHOR: Currently full-time promoting his newly published western series Tumble Weed Sagas and writing additional books to the series as well as historical novels. 


FORMAT CHANGE: We are creating an interactive Fireside Chat Environment. Therefore, instead of waiting to the end of the Fireside Chat for questions and answers, we will do so after a couple of subject matters are discussed.

The following are some of the subjects Mark will be discussing with us:

 How can business be an art?

 Establishing and maintaining passion in an entrepreneurial business.

 Evaluating cost and value in your product(s)/service(s).

 How to create lasting value.

 Pricing……what is the market willing to pay for your product(s)/service(s)?

 Conveying passion to others….inside and outside your business.

 The realities of being a small businesses.

Mark is known for “telling it like it is.” That will not be a problem on Sept. 25th.  

Coaching People Through Professional and Personal Transitions

Next up, we are shining our Small Business Spotlight on Dr. Xavier Bruce, founder of Uplift! Energy Coaching LLC. Xavier established this business to provide support and resources for people managing major life changes and events. This could mean coaching people going from military to civilian life or from the corporate world to establishing their own business. Xavier also helps people manage personal life changes. We look forward to hearing about his successes and challenges and together providing him advice on growing his business.  

Eats & Drinks

As usual, we’ll start the evening off with light fare provided by local food and beverage establishments.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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September 25 – 26, 2019
10:00 PM – 12:30 AM UTC