Navigating Through Change in Permanent Whitewater

Thu, Jun 11, 4:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

The phrase “Permanent White Water” was coined by author Peter Vaill in the early 1990s. In his publications he describes it as:

“Conditions in life that are full of surprises…the continual occurrence of problems and challenges that are not ‘supposed’ to happen.”

“Events that are often extremely costly, both in terms of dollars and effort to cope with the problem and deal with the damage……causing uncertainty, anxiety and fear of change.” 

Life and business are certainly in whitewater today given the COVID-19 pandemic is causing many things to remain outside our control. However, your mindset is key to coping with your personal whitewater conditions and managing yourself and business during the changes they are causing. 

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to understand how people and organizations change and how you can build resiliency and agility when navigating the unknowns when in whitewater like that which exists today and is likely to exist in the future. Navigating Through Change in Permanent Whitewater is a highly interactive learning process that will help you with this “navigation.” Specifically it will help you:

• Diagnose your own “Change Style’s” strengths and improvement opportunities.

• Understand how to use different Change Style Strategies.

• Recognize the role of “Uncertainty in Life and Business.”

• Explore and apply ways to deal with the uncertainties caused by your whitewater.

• Learn the typical “Personal and Emotional Stages of Change” and how to navigate them, and

• Identify how you can improve and adapt your change mindset and personal situation to positively deal with the challenges of your whitewater. 

Format of Virtual Fireside Chat

This Virtual Fireside Chat will be highly interactive, facilitative (not lecture) and open to group discussion. A main element to our chat is that you will have the opportunity to fill out a Change Style-Assessment on yourself (30 questions). This diagnostic instrument allows you to identify your personal change style (strengths and improvement opportunities) when dealing with change…especially in whitewater. Also, this tool will teach you how to deal effectively with those who have styles different from yours. Once you sign up, you will be sent the Assessment!

NOTE: The Assessment must be filled out prior to the Fireside Chat. There will be no time during the session to do so. Look at it as your “ticket to get in.” :) So Sign up now for this informative, educational, fun and highly applicable Fireside Chat.

Your Facilitators 

Craig Rasmussen, Principal of North Star Learning and Development and Jerry Bory, Founder and CEO of Your Extended Success have known and worked with each other for over twenty-five years (Craig is the younger one). They consult, facilitate and guide organizations of individual contributors to senior executives and boards of directors in tactical and strategic areas such as leadership, change implementation, professional and team development, and sales/marketing development.

Craig, who will be the lead facilitator (remember he is the young one for this chat) has extensive experience in Federal and State governments along with private industry clients such as Northrup Grumman, Port Authority of NY, NASA, Bechtel and many more.

Jerry, has worked closely with Bechtel worldwide, House of Seagram, Abbot Labs, Amgen, NASA, and Motorola. Currently he is working with small business in the Frederick area as well as serving as Director of Frederick Startup Grind.  


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