** POSTPONED** Brand Stories That Make You A Customer Magnet

Miles and Stockbridge - 30 W Patrick St - 5th Floor Frederick, 21701 - View Map Frederick
Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Come-on join us on March 24th at Miles and Stockbridge for a highly interesting, fun and actionable Fireside Chat featuring Whitney Hahn, managing partner of Digital Bard and creator of the 5-4-3 Impact!™ Strategic Marketing System. Based right here in our entrepreneurial community of Frederick, Whitney and her team rapidly create targeted marketing messages, video content and digital campaigns that return 2-5X national engagement averages. She helps businesses create their own unique brand story, then puts it to work with purposeful content and automated campaigns. Pretty cool!

When you are explaining your product/service to potential or even existing customers/clients, do you see them nod and lean in? Are they asking questions? Do they snap their fingers and say “Do you know who needs that?” before offering a referral?

Or is it more like a prospect replies with a polite “uh-huh” as you struggle to put your core offer into clear and compelling words? If so, you are not alone. What they are indirectly telling you is, “Your Marketing Message is Confusing ME and that’s why I won’t buy from you.” 

This Fireside Chat with Whitney will help you tell your unique brand story so that you hear “That’s interesting… let’s talk further; I want to work with you; I am ready to buy, etc.” 

Specific Objectives of Telling Your Brand Story 

This Fireside Chat will be a little different than previous ones you may have attended. It is an interactive discussion with Whitney, mixed with small table discussions with other participants. This rapid-results learning methodology will have you revising and practicing your core messaging statements so they become compelling customer magnets. This is accomplished by:

          ⮚ Understanding the essential characteristics of an ideal buyer and how to clone them;

          ⮚ Understanding your products/services through the eyes of potential/existing customers;

          ⮚ Communicating to buyers what you do and why it matters TO THEM;

          ⮚ Using classic script-writing techniques to develop a buyer-based message;

          ⮚ Developing strategies that encourage potential and existing customers to act/buy from you now;

          ⮚ Having the opportunity to practice your “story” with other participants at your tables

          ⮚ And for those who are real risk-takers, sit in the “HOT SEAT” with Whitney for instant feedback.

So just don’t come to listen. Come prepared with paper, a sense of humor and a willingness to “do it dirty” before you make it a compelling and profitable story to tell. A story with a Happy Ending. :-) 


  • Whitney Hahn

    Whitney Hahn

    5-4-3 Impact Strategic Marketing


    Whitney Hahn is the managing partner of Digital Bard in Frederick, MD, and leads a small, exuberantly geeky band of video marketers who specialize in production and promotion for innovation and recreation brands. Their collective production creativity has been recognized in several national awards competitions including the ADDY Awards, Telly Awards, and Communicator Awards.

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    Tuesday, Mar 24
    6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)


    Miles and Stockbridge
    30 W Patrick St - 5th Floor Frederick21701

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