The Lessons of Sales Street Fighters and Being One Year Older and One Year Wiser

November 19, 2019, 11:00 PM UTC – November 20, 2019, 1:30 AM UTC

Growing sales for small business has no handbook…BECAUSE IT IS A STREET FIGHT! We’re bringing in serious, small business street fighters to have an interactive discussion with the audience to openly discuss their street fights and what they’ve learned and continue to learn. You’ll have the opportunity to consider your own challenges and learn techniques on how to be prepared for your next rumble.

About this event

Why A "Street Fight?"

If you own a small business, you face a variety of challenges. One of the biggest is selling your products/services in a very competitive market while making money and a positive ROI. 

Large corporations and established small businesses don’t always like it when you start to promote yourself in their markets (their “turf”). Things can also get testy when you begin establishing personal relationships with their customers.

When this happens, they fiercely protect their turf. They don’t always play nice…and so the “Street Fight” begins!

If you are not prepared for such a “fight” you are likely to lose. Usually you go back to your office, lick your wounds, and prepare for the next encounter.

Your intent is to not lose this type of fight again. You are highly motivated to win because YOU KNOW your products/services are much better than the competitors who just “beat you.”

You have changed tactics, brought on more support resources, and developed a new “street sales pitch.” You feel like you can’t lose now, but you do. WHY?

That is what our distinguished Fireside Chat Panel will explore and discuss with us at our November 19th event “Growing Sales For Small Business Has No Handbook……BECAUSE IT IS A STREET FIGHT.” Our Panel is composed of the following “Street Fighters” (and they have the scars to prove it):

  • Scott Ryser, Founder and CEO of Yakabod link, a leader in secure software development since 2001. He has had his share of “Street Fights” for over 18 years. He has won many of them because of his strong business values.
  • Aaron Hsu, Co-Founder & CEO of ClearMask™ ClearMask is the first patent-pending transparent surgical mask with full-face visibility. Aaron’s “Street Fights” are from disrupting a traditional market with the introduction of his innovative medical device. He is establishing his market position by using strategic sales/marketing strategies and creativity. Aaron realizes this is a tough “Street Fight.” 
  • Brooka Smith, Co-owner, with her husband Dr. Adam Smith, of the recently opened Restoration Family Chiropractic, a unique neurology-based approach to chiropractics. Before opening their practice in Frederick, Brooka spent months getting to know her turf by hitting the streets and hitting hard. This doesn’t come without its own challenges when creeping onto competitors’ turf to establish your own market.    

Your Frederick Startup Grind Team believes you will learn effective “Street Fighting Tactics” by engaging with this distinguished and diverse panel.

You will learn more from them than by reading the latest “How to Sell for Success Book” or participating in a motivational “How To Sell” lecture. So prepare to win your next “Street Fight” by registering for this event.

This is an opportunity you can’t refuse.


WE MADE IT!!!!!!

One year ago on November 13th, 2018 we had our first Startup Grind Fireside Chat with Scott Ryser of Yakabod. He is returning as a panel member for our next “Street Fight” chat. Since then we have had conversations and events featuring: 

Many of these presenters will be at this event. They still have some stories to informally share with us, and we are excited to have them in attendance.

The feedback from those who have attended our events has been very favorable. Our Fireside Chats will continue following this format in our second year. Stay tuned for future newsletters, which will keep you up to date on upcoming Fireside Chats and events.  

As with every Startup Grind Frederick event, we will start the evening with a delicious spread of hors d'oeuvres provided by Miles and Stockbridge and drinks provided by 1-UP IT Consulting.   

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November 19 – 20, 2019
11:00 PM – 1:30 AM UTC

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