Why Today’s Entrepreneurs Need to Continue Adapting to Change

Tue, Jan 26, 2021, 4:00 PM (EST)

About this event

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future” – John F Kennedy

Back in 1963, when Kennedy uttered these words, our nation was at the precipice of change. Nearly 60 years later, and we are once again dealing with uncertainty, challenges and CHANGE.

We at Startup Grind Frederick thought it an important time to tackle the topic of change during our December Virtual Fireside Chat: Why Today’s Entrepreneurs Need to Continue Adapting to Change. But first, we ask that you answer two questions about yourself in the hope that it will illustrate why you need to attend this event. (How is that for a strategic marketing technique?)

Below are three faces that reflect how a person may emotionally feel when adapting to change. Please enter “1” or “2” in the appropriate face(and, you can enter both numbers in the same face, if it applies).


1. Which best reflects your emotions when you first hear you have to adapt to change?

2. Which emotions reflect where you are currently? 

Overall Objective of Event

All of us go through three emotional phases (above faces) when adapting to and dealing with change. It is how we deal with change and our emotions that are important. As it is said, “Change is inevitable; suffering is optional.” We don’t want to stay stuck in “suffering.”

The goal of Why Today’s Entrepreneurs Need to Continue Adapting to Change is to help you realize and sustain President Kennedy’s quote above, especially where he says, “Change is the law of life.” This is certainly true for today’s entrepreneurs who are experiencing multiple complex changes in their business and personal lives. It is critically important to understand and apply strategies on how people and businesses change and how individuals can build resiliency and agility when adapting to change.


• Understand the necessity of and challenges with adapting to change;

• Learn and identify the stages of personal and organizational change;

• Understand, acknowledge and respect assistance with adapting to change;

• Learn to guide yourself and others through the difficult and easy change stages;

• Clarify your role as an entrepreneurial change agent and identify the skills you need and the steps you can take to strengthen it

• Diagnose your personal change style when dealing with adapting to change; and

• Develop a personal action plan to leverage adapting to change in increasing profits and market share.  

Format of Virtual Fireside Chat

This Virtual Fireside Chat will be highly interactive, facilitative (not lecture) and open to group discussion. One of the highlights of our chat is that you will have the opportunity to fill out a Change Style-Assessment on yourself. This 30-question diagnostic assessment allows you to identify your personal change style. Also, this tool will teach you how to deal effectively with those who have styles different from yours. Once you sign up, we will send you a link to the assessment!

Your Facilitators

Craig Rasmussen, Principal of North Star Learning and Development and Jerry Bory, Founder and CEO of Your Extended Success have known and worked with each other for over 25 years. They consult, facilitate and guide organizations – from individual contributors to senior executives and boards of directors – in tactical and strategic areas, such as leadership, change implementation, professional and team development, and sales/marketing development.

Craig has extensive experience with Federal and State government organizations, along with private industry clients, including Northrup Grumman, Port Authority of NY, NASA, Bechtel and many more.

Jerry has worked closely with Worldwide Bechtel, House of Seagram, Abbot Labs, Amgen, NASA, and Motorola. Currently, he is working with small businesses in the Frederick/Ashburn areas as well as serving as Director of Frederick Startup Grind.  


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