Design Thinking for Business Growth

Greater China
Wed, Aug 17, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Recharge and grow your business with Business Ecosystems

We are proud to have Michael Lewrick, bestselling author of The Design Thinking Playbook, The Design Thinking Toolbox, and Design Thinking for Business Growth books on stage for the August edition of Startup Grind.

What is a Business Ecosystem, and why do you want to be part of one?

  • A business ecosystem is a group of largely independent companies that together deliver a unified product or service with great value to its customers while simultaneously creating barriers to entry.
  • As a Startup, SME or Enterprise, you want to build your own business ecosystem or join someone else's developed business ecosystem.

In 10 essential mindshifts to create powerful Business Ecosystems, Michael will give us an eye-opening & fresh approach to designing and scaling business models and ecosystems.

You will learn:

  • Principles of Business Ecosystem design
  • How to design, develop and implement Business Ecosystems
  • Examples of companies that consciously and successfully think in Business Ecosystems terms
  • Essential design methods and tools

Join us and learn how to make your Business Ecosystem strategy a success!

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