Fireside chat with Kshitij Marwah (Founder & CEO at Tesseract)

Aug 25, 2018, 12:00 – 2:30 PM

Virtual reality & augmented reality (VR & AR) are the new mediums for human beings to tell their stories in a much more experiential & immersive manner. Come experience the future with us on 25th August, Sat at CoWrks, GCR as Kshitij walks the audience through all the compositions of Tesseract (Quark 360 VR, Holoboard AR Platform, Methane 360-3D Platform, Presence MR, FOCII)

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Virtual reality & augmented reality (VR & AR) are the new mediums for human beings to tell their stories in a much more “experiential & immersive manner”. It marks a natural progression, as Kshitij says: “From the spoken word to the written word, from photos to videos, we have always found new ways & tools to tell our stories.”

The power of his belief in VR & AR, backed by the rigor of his technical education (dropping out of his Ph.D. at MIT Media Lab), led Marwah to his innovations Quark VR Camera ( & the Holoboard AR Headset (

The Quark VR Camera democratizes mixed reality content creation & the Holoboard AR Headset allows for its viewing in a truly immersive & unique manner.

Kshitij has a simple way of explaining his innovation. “Imagine the next time when you are watching a cricket match in your house. Rather than sitting in front of your television, with our Quark camera streaming the match live in VR & the Holoboard headset, you can feel as if you are sitting right in the stadium but in the comfort of your couch.”

His current company, Tesseract Inc. (in Norse mythology, Tesseract is said to be a cosmic cube of immense power; in geometry, the tesseract is a four-dimensional hypercube), was spun out of MIT Media Lab’s India arm, a unit that Marwah had co-founded to promote & spread inter-disciplinary learning among students in India.

Check out all the compositions of Tesseract at

Come experience the future with us on 25th August, Sat at CoWrks, GCR.

About Kshitiz;

Kshitij Marwah is an MIT Technology Review Top 35 Innovator Under The Age of 35 (2017) & Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) Awardee & head of the MIT Media Lab India Initiative (2012 - 2016).

He loves to invent products at the confluence of design & technology with special emphasis on Extended & Mixed Reality, Interactive Design & Artificial Intelligence. With his company Tesseract Inc., he is enabling new forms of storytelling through holographic capture cameras (Quark VR) & augmented reality headsets (Holoboard AR).

He believes that true magic can be brought about by the intersection of design & technology, with design & creativity leading the paradigm shift & technology making the seemingly impossible possible.

After having spent multiple years at Harvard, Stanford & MIT his passion for design-led innovation brought him back to India, where he led the MIT Media Lab India Initiative with the goal of remodeling & perpetuating self-organized design-led innovation into the country's grassroots.

Prior to the MIT Media Lab, he has been a visiting fellow at Stanford University, under-graduate at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with his graduate work jointly at Harvard Medical School & MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory on AI-powered design tools for patient health prediction & optimization. Early in his career, at the age of 19, he won the Google Product Prodigy for his application in the remote collaborative manipulation of content & has worked with IBM on the hyper-speech Internet for emerging countries.

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  • Kshitij Marwah

    Tesseract Inc.

    Founder & CEO



Saturday, August 25, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM UTC


12:00 PMCheck-in
12:30 PMIntroductions & Fireside chat
1:30 PMNetworking


  • Atul Puri

    Chapter Director

  • Shree Advaita

    Harmonix | WELLTH

    Chapter Co-director

  • Shree Advaita

    Head Community & Partnerships


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