"The Entrepreneurship Journey" with Marius Ursache, CEO Metabeta, CEO Eternime, Mentor at MIT

FabLab Iasi - str. Randunica TEX6 Iasi, 700399 Iasi
Tue, Nov 27, 2018, 6:30 PM (EET)

About this event

For the last twenty years Marius, worked in healthcare, design, marketing, fintech, innovation consulting and Artificial Intelligence. He founded four companies and an NGO pursuing these interests. The latest one, Eternime, is a pioneer in digital immortality and creates digital replicas of people based on their digital footprint.

Marius speaks and mentor frequently at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Singularity University, Ars Electronica, and other universities or startup programs around the world.

CEO & Co-founder - Eternime ( http://eterni.me ), a network of Artificial Intelligence avatars who collect and curate their owners' thoughts, stories and memories, during their lifetime. Then, once they pass away, the avatars will be able to connect and have conversations with other people (friends, family, or practically anyone). Think of it as an interactive library of humans and their memories—a legacy of previous generations.

CEO & Co-founder - Metabeta ( http://metabeta.com ), a portfolio management suite for startup accelerators and early-stage investors.  It streamlines deal-flow and diligence, tracks company metrics and portfolio performance, increases the engagement of mentors, partners, and alumni, monitors OKRs and more.

CEO & Co-founder - Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox ( https://detoolbox.com ), an online tool for entrepreneurs, based on the "Disciplined Entrepreneurship" book and framework (by Bill Aulet) used by startups at MIT.  It allows entrepreneurs to follow a clear process to validate their ideas, and also allows investors to track the progress of the startups they invested in.

On top of that Marius is a avid learner and world traveler, with many adventures in his travel bag:

  • Learning Spanish using Tinder in Chile,
  • Ran a full-marathon in North Korea
  • Survived frog poison with the Matses tribe in the Amazon
  • Got scarred by the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia.
  • Cooked tajine for fishermen in Taghazout, Morocco. 


18.30 - 19.30 - Networking - Food & Drink

19.30 - 20.30 - Fireside chat with Marius Ursache

20.30 - Networking 



Tuesday, Nov 27
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (EET)


FabLab Iasi
str. Randunica TEX6 Iasi700399

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