Space Entrepreneurship and India with Sunny Kabrawala

About this event

An electronic engineer by profession, Sunny Kabrawala wants to further pursue research in space technology. At the age of 19, he launched his start-up STAR, Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocket, at the age of 9 his passion in rockets was ignited when he built his first rocket. In 2015, STAR was just a rocket club, now its achievements include building the first small satellite of Surat, launching solid-propelled rocket engines and constructing a mars rover. Today it focuses on two missions: building a small satellite mission and the cheapest launch vehicle of the world, Mission X. He believes that his work at STAR labs won't change the world, it will help us access a new one.




Saturday, Oct 31
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (IST)

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