We Are hosting Saleh Alshehri

Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 PM UTC

Social Entrepreneurship

About this event

Saleh Alshehri is the general manager of the "Future Entrepreneurship Training" company. The company is interested in nurturing business leaders and preparing them to start their small projects and lay their foundation stone. Target group of the company is the youth group, so we find among us many common goals that we are happy to have opportunities for potential cooperation in the future. The speaker holds an Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and he is interested in developing the capabilities of entrepreneurs and entities to establish and manage emerging projects. He has many courses and workshops that he presented in the field of "Social Entrepreneurship" for various organizations, most of them are non-profit organizations. It is worth noting that Saleh Al-Shehri is a consultant for a number of business incubators and accelerators. The last activities of the speaker were with @JeddahChamber -within the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week- at "Business Clinics".

This is our second journey in the series! The title of this trip will be "Social Entrepreneurship". Saleh Al-Shehri will take us on a journey that begins with the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, what is it? Related topics? Where did this concept come from? History of Social Entrepreneurship? Then we will move on to the Social Pioneer and his identity, the characteristics that must be met by him, qualities that enhance the abilities of the Social Pioneer and how he should think in many dimensions. There are many problems facing a Social Pioneer, what are they? How to avoid it! Our last stop will be on the characteristics of the Social Entrepreneurship project; The main differences between "business entrepreneurship" projects and "social entrepreneurship" projects and the points that convergence between them. Some examples that will support the meeting will be mentioned in order to clarify the idea and make the matter more conceivable. These are all the stations that we will take you to with our speaker.

We are looking forward for your presence and participation, be on time!

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