We are hosting Hamza Parvez Manager Incubation NEPNIC Swat Supported by Youth International Conclave

Friday, February 4, 2022, 3:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

Startup Grind Swat in Collaboration with Youth International Conclave is Hosting Hamza Parvez, Incubation Manager of National Expansion Plan of NICs Swat. Hamza Parvez Currently working as an Incubation Manager at National Expansion Plan of NICs, a project of Ministry of IT & Telecommunication executed by the PITB.National Expansion Plan of NICs incubation centers across all provinces of Pakistan

About this event

About the Speaker

Currently working as an Incubation Manager at National Expansion Plan of NICs, a project of Ministry of IT and Telecommunication executed by Punjab Information Technology Board. I am involved in developing and executing the strategy for outreach, hunting, attracting, and onboarding deserving and qualified innovative entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Managing the incubation programs while also bridging the gap between start-ups and potential investors, industry experts, and mentors through networking. Ensuring tight management of milestones and progress of entrepreneurs and start-ups. Providing guidance and support to startups for fundraising activities. Develop, execute and own an operational and engagement strategy for the entire community including donors, start-ups, investors, corporates, mentors, advisors, and domain experts. Being the switchboard for entrepreneurs to access relevant connections and resources.

About Umar Farooq Gul 

Umar Farooq is the President of Youth International Conclave. Umar is a Graduate of UET Peshawar. Umar is one of the Active Community Builder. He organized many National & International Events for the Community. 

About Youth International Conclave 

Youth International Conclave known simply as YIC is an organization committed to youth development programs. Established with the aim of bringing potential youths across the globe for them to connect with each other in various fields such as cultural, technical, education, learning platform, and business. YIC’s effort is to organize various programs and generate opportunities for youths to fulfill the needs of today’s society and birth tomorrow’s leaders. Moreover, in implementing the vision of “Bridging Youth Leadership across the World”, YIC believes that every person deserves the opportunity to learn new things and generate the potential that is hidden in them. Youth International Conclave organized Many Conferences like YIC Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit in 2020 which was onf Asia's Largest Hybrid Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit. in 2019 Youth International Conclave organized YIC Model United Nations in which 450+ Delegates from 40+ Countries Participated which was also a great Achievement for the Family of YIC.

About NEP NICs 

The National Expansion Plan of NICs is a project by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). We have opened 13 technology incubation centers across Pakistan to establish the largest network for startups and entrepreneurs.

Startups are the future of Pakistan. Under #MissionInnovationPakistan we are looking to foster entrepreneurship, technology, and economic growth in Pakistan. Our platform is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to work on their tech startup ideas and have the potential to create an impact in the tech ecosystem of Pakistan.

Our 6-month cycle follows a Zero Equity Model which means it is completely free for the inducted startups!

We are pleased to announce that our first cohort of Taxila will be graduating soon. Applications are now open for the second cohort.

We offer the following services to the inducted startups:

Monthly Stipend

Free Office Space

Networking Opportunities


Business Development guidance

Free Legal Assistance

This is a great opportunity for final year students, fresh graduates, and even experienced individuals to turn their business idea into reality.

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