A tale of two Entrepreneurs: from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to Techstars Greater China

Pukou Hi-tech Startup Plaza - No.88, Pubin Road, F3, Block C Nanjing, 210000 Nanjing
Fri, Jan 4, 2019, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Today’s fireside chat features two passionate entrepreneurs: Xu Peng and Matthieu Bodin. Join us to get close to them as we ask how it is possible to succeed following totally different paths - Xu Peng as a nationally recognized, multiple award winning scientist; and Matthieu working with some of the worlds most innovative multinational VC’s and corporates. We aim to gain a deeper understanding into the opportunities of working with State backed research specifically in the fields of AI security technology and Atmospheric Optics. On the other hand we aim to better understand the methods used by highly successful investors such as Techstars in stimulating entrepreneurial communities, helping entrepreneurs start, adapt and succeed.

今天的炉边访谈介绍了两位充满激情的企业家:徐鹏和Matthieu Bodin。如何才能成功地走完全不同的道路——徐鹏作为全国公认的多重获奖科学家;Matthieu Bodin与世界上一些最具创新精神的跨国VC和企业合作。我们的目标是更深入地了解与国家支持的、专门从事人工智能安全技术和大气光学领域的研究工作的机会。另一方面,我们的目标是更好地了解像Techstars这样的非常成功的投资者在激励创业社区、帮助企业家创业、适应并走向成功方面所使用的方法。

Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. As Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China, he works with 200+ community leaders in 17 different cities to empower project creators across the region. Continuously experimenting with #Innovation led him to facilitate events with Hong Kong MTR, INFINITI, Apple, UN Development Programme, Siemens, French Tech HK, InvestHK, RISE Conference, Techsauce, Echelon and more. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Note-in, Anekdote.co, JookApp.com, and now Olea.store - a service to help founders track numbers that matter to their startup. He has spent 11+ years in Greater China: Beijing, Hong Kong, and now Shanghai.

Matthieu Bodin是一位企业家和社区建设者。作为Techstars在大中华区的区域经理,他与17个不同城市的200+社区领导人合作,增强整个地区的项目创建者的能力。通过不断尝试创新,他为香港地铁、英菲尼迪、苹果、联合国发展计划、西门子、法国科技香港、投资促进会、RISE会议、Techsauce、Echelon等等活动提供了便利。作为一名企业家,他共同创建了Note-in、Anekdote.co、JookApp.com和现在的Olea.store——这项服务帮助创始人追踪对初创公司提供很重要的数字。他在大中华地区生活了11年左右,北京、香港都待过,现在是在上海。

Xu Peng, Ph.D., of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Founder of Nanjing AnkongSoft Technology Co., Ltd. and of Jiangdong AI-Base Geek Space. Xu Peng is member of the 7th Emulation Technique Committee of China Simulation Federation (CSF) and is also distinguished as “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent”, “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Doctors” of Jiangsu Province, as well as high level entrepreneurial talent of Nanjing City and Gulou District. In addition he is admitted into the 3rd level of the “333 talent project” of Jiangsu Province. Most recently, as founder of AnkongSoft Technology Co., he is mainly engaged in the research and industrialization of safety-critical system operation and control security technology and artificial intelligence control algorithms.

徐鹏博士,中国科学院博士生导师,南京安康软件科技有限公司创始人,江东 AI-Base 极客空间创始人。他是中国系统仿真学会第七届仿真技 术专业委员会委员。他是江苏省“双创人才”、江苏省“333”第三层次培养对象、江 苏省“双创博士”、南京市高层次创业人才、鼓楼区高层次人才等省市级人才项 目入选者,主要从事安全关键系统运行与控制安全技术、人工智能控制算法研究 与产业化等工作。



Friday, Jan 4
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)


Pukou Hi-tech Startup Plaza
No.88, Pubin Road, F3, Block C Nanjing210000

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