AI For Social Good | 将人工智能带入社会公益

Thursday, April 18, 2019, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

For Startup Grind Nanjing's 7th event we have invited Mahdi Shariff of Guanxi.AI to talk about how AI can change China and the world. Mahdi has been awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 and is also a senior advisor to Slush.

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- Mahdi Shariff (雷锋)-

Mahdi Shariff (雷锋)is the Cofounder of Guanxi.AI which aims to empower people to better connect and create meaningful relationships and purposeful communities by enabling you to leverage the network and search, manage and visualise your relationships, including across collective networks, communities and teams to scale up your impact.

Mahdi Shariff (雷锋)是Guanxi.AI共同创始人,Guanxi.AI致力于给人赋力,以便更好地创立和连接有意义的社交关系和社区网络,这样使得人们可以利用网络来搜索、管理和让上述关系视图化,包括使用不同的关系网络和社区等扩大你的影响力。

Mahdi was awarded Forbes Asia’s “30 Under 30” and was the Chief Strategy Officer at Sunteng, a leading big data and advertising technology startup that scaled to become one of the major programmatic ad buying companies in China.


He is an Advisor to Slush, the largest international startup and VC conference in China, bringing together 12k+ top-tier executives, leading investors, influential startups and has been a speaker at numerous conferences including Slush (Singapore & China), Innovfest (Singapore & China), London Business School China Forum (London), and iDigital (China).

雷锋是Slush顾问,SLUSH是国内最大的初创企业和创投大会平台,2018年SLUSH聚集了超过12000名企业高管、投资人、有影响的初创企业。雷锋在许多会议上发表过演讲,包括SLUSH中国和SLUSH新加坡,Innovfest (新加坡创新节和中国创新节)、London Business School China Forum (London)伦敦商学院中国论坛和iDigital (China).信息.数字中国等。

Mahdi’s prior experience was in investment banking in London (UK), focusing on mergers & acquisitions in the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sector, with a specialism in AI, CRM and advertising technology. He is also an Angel investor with a portfolio including Pathao (Didi of Bangladesh), Purple.AI (New Retail Analytics) and Credit Scoring for the unscored) and previously identified UK TMT companies into EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Program including unicorns such as Farfetch and Transferwise.

雷锋之前在安永伦敦办公室工作,专注于技术、媒体、电信业的收购和兼并重组,精通人工智能、客户关系管理和广告业等的技术。雷锋也是天使投资人,投资项目包括Pathao(孟加拉滴滴)、Purple.AI(新零售分析)、人工智能信用评分)、包括将前述提及的英国技术、媒体、电信业的企业引入EY(年度企业家)项目,其中的独角兽企业如Farfetch 和 Transferwise.。

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- Slush 介绍 -


Slush, originated from Helsinki in 2008, is now the largest European Startup & Technology event. The very core of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a world-wide startup community.


Slush entered China in 2015 with its debut event in Beijing. In 2016, Slush China team brought this world-class event to Shanghai and it has been in Shanghai since. Slush Shanghai 2018 welcomed 12,000 tech heads from all across the world. In 2019, apart from its main Shanghai event, Slush will be growing to more cities with smaller, specialized events in Nanjing, and potentially more cities.


As part of the Slush network, Slush serves as a platform for startups, tech heads to meet top investors, corporate executives and media. Forbes magazine listed Slush as a top international startup& technology event in China. Now Slush is more than just an event – it is a comprehensive ecosystem with services including accelerator, match-making and corporate innovation.

作为Slush全球网络的成员之一, Slush上海骄傲地在欧亚之间搭建了最具影响力的初创企业和科技人才与顶级投资人、大企业高管和媒体的对接平台。福布斯杂志将Slush上海创投大会评选为中国顶尖国际初创和科技行业大会。如今Slush 已经远不止是一场盛会,而是一个包含加速、对接、大企业创新等服务的完整生态体系。


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Thursday, April 18, 2019
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


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