Sweta Patel Startup Advisor Joins Us

Equal Space 2 Gateway Center Newark, 07103
March 29, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Join us as we sit down with Sweta Patel who has advised more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. She’s the founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing, Best-Selling Author, and a The Oracles Member, elite brain trust of entrepreneurs that include Sir Richard Branson, Tim Draper and more. She was also the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training. Her passion is to teach startup founders and business owners how they can leverage different marketing technique, strategies, and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives.

Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands. She is truly a strategist in the marketing industry with a focus on people-centricity.

If you have a new business be sure to come and ask Sweta your questions as she has been a resident advisor for many Tech Incubators and has seen what makes some startups succeed or fail.  

Afterward, we will open it up to networking and socializing to continue to build our community of bad-ass entrepreneurs and dream chasers. One thing we know for sure is that our community is so strong. Come be part of it because entrepreneurship can be lonely but doesn't have to when you have Fownders nearby.

Be sure to follow Sweta beforehand to get to know her more:





Location can be tricky to find. Equal Space is located in the 2 Gateway Center building on the Second Floor across the Art Gallery and down the hall from NJ News. It is directly connected to Newark Penn Station ( via skybridge).

Directions to =SPACE:

If arriving Via Newark Penn Station

Newark Penn Station Entrance

Head to escalators located next to McDonald's)

Use escalator to far right (next to mini Metro Shop)

Head upstairs to Gateway Spaces

Walk past Zaro's Bakery towards skyway

Head straight

Make a left turn when your spot the sushi shop

Head straight

Make a right turn when you reach Dunkin Donuts

Head up the stairway

Walk straight until you walk pass the NJTV newsroom

Look to left and spot the office space

Enter front doors

If Arriving Via Mulberry Street Entrance

Mulberry Street Entrance: 100 Mulberry Street

Use escalator to go to the second floor

Walk straight ahead until you pass extended walkway with chairs on the left side of the walkway

Look to your right and spot glass windows showcasing an office space

Enter the front doors


Sweta Patel Startup Advisor Joins Us

Sweta Patel

Advisor - Silicon Valley Startup Marketing

Sweta Patel, a startup growth advisor and founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing who has consulted for more than 200 early-stage startups and high-growth companies.

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March 29, 2018
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Equal Space
2 Gateway Center
Newark, 07103

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