The Future of Databases with Álvaro Hernández Tortosa

NUIST, Nanjing
Wed, Jun 3, 2020, 5:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Join our Webinar with Founder and CEO of OnGres, a PostGres startup set to disrupt the database market.

OnGres means “On top of PostGres”. Our will is clear: doing R&D in order to build very innovative projects in Postgres ecosystem, the most trendy and powerful open source database in the world. We have a pipeline of projects featuring areas like high availability, in-memory processing or distributed databases.

We offer professional support in Postgres services, with a dedicated team, which allows us to interact and learn from the needs of our clients, some of which are world-scale.

We like open source, we develop open source software, and we are very active and well known at Postgres community. In fact, we are the founders of PostgreSQL Spain, with more 800 subscribed people, and we organize Postgres talks.



OnGres means On top of PostGres. Innovative projects in Postgres ecosystem


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