Crypto talks: How to start investing in Crypto and grow assets safely...

Mon, Feb 14, 2022, 8:00 PM (JST)

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Cryptocurrency is drawing attention of Governments and ordinary people like us. You must have encountered the names like Bitcoin, Shiba inu, XRP and thousands of so called Crypto currencies (aka digital money).

But the million-dollar/crypto question here is, should you invest in cryptocurrency? Is it safe? Is it Worth it? Where to begin?

How Crypto currency is going to disturb our lives?

We have invited Tim McCracken, who was featured in "50 Unsung Business Heroes - Great Australian Success Stories" to unwrap Crypto buzzword and how he is helping/teaching others to safely grow investments.

Tim say "When I started my cryptocurrency journey in 2016 , there was no education, no consultancy, no support, no service . . . Nothing . . . just a whole lot tech jargon and very costly DIY as you go.

Currently the world is changing, money is changing and the way we do business is changing at a rapid pace.

Most people are not even consciously aware at the rate of change and often struggling to even understand, let alone utilize (or even profit) from the most dynamic period in our world history ever, as we enter the “Financial Digitalization Age”. "

Join us to chat with Tim, gain insights of Crypto world, how you can begin investing, and may be there are few surprises for you...

All the attendees will receive a FREE ebook “12 Reasons Why? “

Early bird registrations will receive a complimentary $88 Gift voucher for an online information session.

Plus a chance to win below programs during the event:

1. HODL Program - 30 day all inclusive $497

2. Pros Plus++ - 30 day all inclusive $998

This event is Co-Hosted with Startup Grind Tokyo, and will be held in English.



Monday, Feb 14
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (JST)

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