Dan Toma - Lean Startup in the Enterprise

Miles Oslo AS - Bislettgata 4 Oslo, 0170 Oslo
Tue, Nov 28, 2017, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

The world around us is changing rapidly. There is now more pressure on established companies to innovate. The challenge most companies face is how to develop new products for new markets, while managing their core business at the same time.

As Lean Startup enters the world of established companies and corporates there are many questions currently left unanswered. The Innovation Practitioner is bogged down with red tape and bureaucracy. The Innovation Manager struggles with measuring progress of her innovation projects - as her current KPIs just doesn't seem to make sense anymore for these innovation projects. And the Innovation Strategist is challenged with aligning all projects, as a means for the organisation as a whole to move towards their grand vision.

Dan Toma co-author of The Corporate Startup will provide us with a blueprint of how to manage innovation while executing on core business inside corporates. A critically acclaimed blueprint based on best practice from organisations such as Pearson International, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom and others.

The event is hosted by Norwegian Lean Startup Circle and will take place at Miles Oslo (Map: https://goo.gl/sjKk9u). The event will be held in English and light refreshments will also be provided. 

Who is Dan Toma?

Dan Toma is co-author of The Corporate Startup. Coming from an entrepreneurial background - having been involved with Hi-Tech & Internet start-ups across the world and being a entrepreneurship community leader in Europe - Dan Toma has a clear understanding of the challenges involved in building sustainable businesses from the ground up. In the years following his graduation from a top MBA program, he started focusing more on enterprise innovation management, specifically on how disruptive new ventures can be build in a corporate setting.

Tickets are 100NOK and can be bought:

This event is brought to you together with Lean Startup Circle:

Norwegian Lean Startup Circle (formerly known as Lean Startup Norway) is a non-profit association, on a mission to increase Norwegian entrepreneurs/startups and intrapreneurs/corporates awareness and competence on the Lean Startup methodology.

This meaning to:

1) Make them aware of what challenges Lean Startup helps to handle.

2) Give them a theoretical understanding of the different tools within Lean Startup.

3) Enabling them to use the tools effectively in practice.

4) Empowering them to develop the tools beyond their present state.

By doing this we aim to professionalise the practice of Lean Startup in Norway. This as a means to develop the strongest Lean Startup community in Europe, to the benefit of Norwegian Lean Startup practitioners, Norwegian companies, and the Norwegian society as a whole.



Tuesday, Nov 28
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)


Miles Oslo AS
Bislettgata 4 Oslo0170