Future of Mobility with SammeVei, Meshcrafts, Zendera and Hayk

Mesh - Tordenskiolds gate 3 Oslo, 0160 Oslo
Mon, Oct 30, 2017, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

With Uber's announcement to leave Norway it's time to take a step back and evaluate the future for ridesharing and urban mobility. While there is no controversy about the fact that we want smarter cities, we are in the middle of a complicated debate on how to achieve that in the short term.

We'll start the evening with a Startup Grind-style fireside chat with Rasmus Myklebust, co-founder and CEO SammeVei . He has previous start-up experience from MIT and Harvard Business School, background from McKinsey, UN and Master from Harvard University.

SammeVei is a startup that came with a practical solution to reduce traffic and emissions!

Their mission is to make ridesharing as a passenger as convenient as driving your own car. How? - By providing a platform connecting drivers and passengers in real time, without the need to publish trips in advance. The users simply offer rides while leaving the breakfast table and SammeVei matches them with other users commuting the same way. By filling up cars’ empty seats, SammeVei helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions, while letting commuters easily share their commuting costs at the same time.

We'll have a special guest appearance from Silje Bareksten, Head of Smart City at Oslo Business Region.  

- Silje has in recent years worked with commercialization of technology and cutting edge research from the science and technology environments at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. In addition to working with entrepreneurship, collaboration strategies and innovation management in the public sector, Silje has worked at the knowledge transfer group at CERN in Geneva, and spent time in Montreal in Canada doing a post graduate program in space technology studies. She even tried out a few startup ventures that never gave glory or fame, but strength and priceless experience.

Afterwards we will dwell into a discussion about the future of urban mobility, covering several angles with:

- Åsmund Møll Frengstad, CEO and Founder of Meshcrafts. Meshcrafts is a technology provider for e-mobility and smart grid. The platform SmartCharge connects all stake holders in the value chain of e-mobility, and enables anyone to become a Charge Point Operators.

- Kim Iversen, CEO of Zendera, a Norwegian startup that is optimizing goods freight for small carriers. Zendera’s goal is to improve the carrier's margin, while lowering the freight price and emissions. Their first service is a courier portal, where courier companies can list their services and Zendera's customers can compare different offers and choose the best one.

- Nikolai Pyke, CEO HAYK is the creative mind behind HAYK. HAYK is developing a shared electric vehicle-service with ride-sharing for social rides and renewable energy for a cleaner future. 



Monday, Oct 30
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CET)


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