Resetting the Future of Work Agenda. Turning uncertainty into opportunity for growth

Thu, Nov 26, 2020, 4:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Covid-19 threw global markets in disarray. If you stop and check financial metrics for more than a few minutes, it’s easy to be discouraged. Add massive layoffs and headquarters closing into the mix, and in the blink of an eye the one thing you are sure about is the fear of the future. However, we’re hopeful. Adversity and resilient leaders are the perfect recipe for disruptive innovation that drives our ecosystem further.

This is a cross promoted event between Startup Grind chapters in Clus Napoca, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Oslo. Join us on Thursday November 26th at 5pm (GMT+2) or 6pm CET to learn more about how businesses can thrive in a challenging economy, priorities before and after CoVid, trends emerging in the CEE market and more.

We’ll touch on the following topics:

- What innovation looks like

- How priorities have changed before and after CoVid

- What are the trends emerging in the CEE market

- What opportunities are there for businesses to grow in trying times

- What the future of workforce will look like

- How culture comes into play in all of this

- How CEOs can facilitate growth

Our panel will be made up of experts in talent management, tech innovation and business development.

It’s our pleasure to introduce:

Madalina Racovitan, Partner and Head of People Services for KPMG, a position in which she has developed KPMG’s People Services practice over several years, developing a particularly strong expertise in personal taxation and HR advisory.

Jamie Qiu, Founder and Managing Partner of Studio Zao, a London-headquartered innovation and talent development studio that works with global brands, organisations and academic institutions, such as Sony Music Entertainment, EY, NHS, and Pentland Brands.

Daniel Zinner, International Entrepreneur and Growth Consultant, with expertise in a wide array of fields. Daniel boasts 7 years in Management Consulting, 6 years in the Banking and Finance sector, as well as 4 years in the Transport and Aviation industry.

Tomek Milosz, Founder and CEO of GIGLIKE, HR Leader and Executive Coach.He is focused on the gig-economy, the workforce of the future and how the workforce market transforms driven by digitization, demographics and the pace of change.

Our panelists have an outstanding record of driving innovation through the highs and lows of their industry. And they’re ready to share valuable insights with you on the 26th of November.

We’re excited to see you there!


  • Jamie Qui

    Jamie Qui

    Studio Zao

    Managing Partner

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  • Madalina Racovitan

    Madalina Racovitan

    KPMG Romania

    Partner, Head of People Services

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  • Daniel Zinner

    Daniel Zinner

    Zinner Global Mobility GmbH

    Founder HRGlobal & Kiez Digital, HR and Communication Consultant

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  • Tomek Milosz

    Tomek Milosz



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  • Moderator

    • Diana Florescu

      Diana Florescu

      Grai Ventures

      CMO & Partner

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