#SGVirtual with Skillfugees: How to survive the Nordic job hunt

Thursday, April 16, 2020, 3:30 – 5:00 PM UTC

Startup Grind Oslo is bringing to you a webinar hosted by Skillfugees, a recruitment service for skilled refugees and migrants in Norway. The focus of this webinar is the soft skills and cultural expectations of work in Norway and the unique nuances of the hiring process.

About this event

NOTICE: In response to COVID-19 and with respect to our participants’, partners’ and volunteers’ health and safety, all Startup Grind Oslo events will be held VIRTUALLY until further notice. Once registered, a link will be sent out to all ticket holders on the day of the event.

High demand for skilled, international talent in Norway! 

  • Are you a skilled worker with a foreign background looking for employment in Norway?
  • Is your company hiring international talent?
  • Do you want to get concrete tips and advice on how to succeed in interviews?
  • Are you interested in knowing more about the Nordic culture and how to overcome the cultural barrier?
  • Do you want to help Nordic companies fill their open positions?

Startup Grind Oslo is bringing to you a webinar hosted by Skillfugees, an exclusive full service recruitment program for skilled refugees and migrants in Norway.

It’s been a few weeks since coronavirus became part of our lives and we are all facing a tough time. In moments like this, it is important to remember that communities exist to offer support, resources, and connections. #HelpOthers #GiveFirst

Knowing that some of our #SGOslo community members are active job seekers and some have recently lost their jobs, it’s understandable if being at home now creates uncertainty about your next step.
We want to help: in collaboration with our friends at Skillfugees, we are happy to offer you a webinar on improving your CV and your cultural understanding of the Nordic workplace. We believe that it’s important to keep our spirits up and use the time to improve our skill-set and expand our network!

The webinar hostesses:

Jyoti Sohal-David is a community manager within the startup industry, with a background in teaching and career-counselling. Building on 4 years experience in the Australian education industry and 3 years in the Norwegian startup ecosystem, Jyoti is the Founder and CEO of Skillfugees - a recruitment platform and service for skilled refugees and migrants in Norway.

Yevgeniya Vodkina is a former recruiting operations consultant from Silicon Valley with a BA from Berkeley. Yev aims to change people’s perspectives about the hiring and interview process for both companies and candidates. But above all, she is passionate about helping people find their professional passions, and use their talents and transferable skills to achieve them.

Through their work in Skillfugees, Jyoti and Yev are helping immigrants and refugees assimilate to the work culture of Norway. They work directly with companies which are hiring talent outside of their regular networks, and open up a new skilled talent pool for them by connecting them to relevant candidates. In this webinar, they will focus on the soft skills and cultural expectations of work in Norway and the unique nuances of the hiring process. During the Q&A session at the end of the webinar you are welcome to ask your questions.

See you all online!


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Thursday, April 16, 2020
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


3:30 PMWelcome from Startup Grind and Skillfugees
3:45 PMThe Nordic CV - Yevgeniya Vodkina
4:30 PMCultural expectations in the workplace and interviewing techniques - Jyoti Sohal-David
5:00 PMQ&A (30 min)