Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Dec 10 - 12, 2020, 3:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Imagine having 100 top startup speakers at your fingertips;

Startup leaders from 30+ countries to exchange the experience with;

And a startup competition that involves Silicon Valley investors and a shot of a $1,000,000 global prize!

Many of you attended SG Europe-Asia Connect last year and you remember the cool speakers, the great energy in the crowd, and maybe some useful connection you made.

This year’s online format opens the door to amazing speakers who don’t have time to fly to Georgia such as a VC with the first investment in Zoom and someone who helped grow the most valuable company in the world,

Get ready to learn from the great entrepreneurs in the crowd, perhaps get an enhanced networking ticket to make more valuable contacts. Or aim high and take as shot at the world stage in our Startup Showcase & Competition.

There has never been a better time for people from emerging markets to step onto the world stage. Take your shot at learning, connecting, and creating value!


  • Guy Kawasaki

    Guy Kawasaki

    Canva, ex-Apple

    Chief Evangelist

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  • Gideon Marks

    Gideon Marks

    Google for Startups Accelerator

    Anchor Mentor

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  • Anna Maj

    Anna Maj

    Truffle Capital

    Senior Advisor

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  • Justin Hwa

    Justin Hwa


    Head of Commerce Innovations & General Manager

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  • Angelo Del Priore

    Angelo Del Priore

    HP Tech Ventures


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  • Carolina Pinart

    Carolina Pinart


    Director, New Generation Technologies

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  • Bill Tai

    Bill Tai

    Treasure Data

    Venture Capitalist, Co-founder and Chairman

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  • Amy Peck

    Amy Peck


    Founder & CEO

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  • Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner

    Momentum Engine

    Founder Partner

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  • Zaza Pachulia

    Zaza Pachulia



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  • Andres (Andy) Schabelman

    Andres (Andy) Schabelman

    Airbnb, Fiverr


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  • Sanjit Singh Dang

    Sanjit Singh Dang

    U First Capital, ex-Intel Capital

    Co-founder and Chairman

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  • Deborah Magid

    Deborah Magid

    IBM Venture Capital Group

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  • Derek Andersen

    Derek Andersen

    Startup Grind


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  • Marvin Liao

    Marvin Liao

    Game Groove Capital


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  • Kelly Uphoff

    Kelly Uphoff


    VP of Content and Marketing Data Science & Engineering

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  • Martins Sulte

    Martins Sulte


    CEO and Founder

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  • Tamaz Giorgadze

    Tamaz Giorgadze


    Founder, CEO

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  • Paul Bragier

    Paul Bragier

    Bragiel Brothers

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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  • Bill Reichert

    Bill Reichert

    Pegasus Tech Ventures


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  • George Arison

    George Arison


    Founder and CEO

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  • Luke Kowalski

    Luke Kowalski


    Vice President

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