Startup Migrants with Maria Amelie

Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 4:00 – 7:00 PM UTC

Maria Amelie is an award-winning writer of four books on immigration, freedom of speech and entrepreneurship. At 24, her first book "Illegally Norwegian" became a bestseller and boosted a huge debate and a movement on refugees and contributed to a law change on immigration in Norway. In 2017 she published her 4th book on successful Norwegian founders "Alt eller ingenting".

About this event

Entrepreneurs are rebel spirits and their endeavours and lives are rarely limited to one country. At a time when migration carries a negative label, we tend to forget that some of the most successful founders had a nomad lifestyle. Although immigrants in Norway have a higher unemployment rate compared to the overall population, they are also more likely to open new businesses and become entrepreneurs.

The theme for the June Startup Grind is Startup Migrants! We will be hosting Maria Amelie, a journalist, book author and entrepreneur. Maria is currently working on her next book project Startup Migrants by interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs, policy makers, migrants and NGOs in Europe and the Middle East. The goal is to disrupt the narrative on immigration by showing the effect migrant founders have on wealth creation.

Program for the evening:

Fireside chat with:

  • Maria Amelie, book author and tech journalist, Startup Migrants project
  • Aman Tesfamichael, COO at TikkTalk. TikkTalk provides an open digital solution for managing interpretation services and therefore giving access to a global pool of interpreters.
  • Agathe Daae-Qvale, Founder of TinkerBlue, a tech entrepreneur platform for immigrants in Norway that aims to change the perception of immigrants from being job seekers to job creators.

Additionally, you will listen to several short founder story presentations (let us know if you think you should be there)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


4:00 PMStartup Migrants